Who is Joe Germanotta? Lady Gaga's father says family devastated after 2 of singer's bulldogs were dognapped

Lady Gaga's father Joe Germanotta has revealed how their entire family is devasted over the news of the dognapping of their two beloved bulldogs and the shooting of their dog walker

                            Who is Joe Germanotta? Lady Gaga's father says family devastated after 2 of singer's bulldogs were dognapped
Recording artist Lady Gaga (left) with her father Joseph Germanotta (right) (Getty Images)

Lady Gaga's father, Joe Germanotta, has issued a statement after it was revealed that the singer's dog walker was shot in the chest four times and her two French bulldogs were dognapped. Germanotta revealed that the family is devastated over the news that their two dogs are dognapped. In addition to this, the police audio reveals moments following the shooting and how a 911 operator heard a woman’s screaming.

Germanotta told the New York Post that their family is devasted over the dognapping of their daughter’s two French Bulldogs. Germanotta, who is a Manhattan restaurateur, said that the entire family is sick over the news as it feels like “someone took one” of their kids.


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Cynthia Germanotta and Joseph Germanotta, parents of Lady Gaga (Getty Images)

Who is Joe Germanotta?

Joe Germanotta is originally from New Jersey and attended Eli Board College of Business at Michigan State University, Michigan. He sits on the board of directors for Lady Gaga’s charitable organization ‘Born This Way Foundation’. He works as an internet entrepreneur where his company, Guest WiFi, provides WiFi services to hotel chains across the nation. At the same time, he is the owner of Haus of Gaga Publishing, Inc. The Germanottas also opened Joanne Trattoria in 2012 near Lincoln Center, a low-key Italian spot run by cookbook author Art Smith.

As earlier reported, Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was walking the singer’s dogs Koji, Miss Asia, and Gustavo in West Hollywood at around 10 in the night when he was gunned down. The disturbing attack happened right outside Fischer’s home on Sierra Bonita Avenue.

Two of Gaga’s dogs, Koji and Gustavo, were reportedly stolen by the assailants. Sources said that after learning that her dog walker was shot and her two dogs were stolen, Gaga had offered a reward of $500,000 to whoever finds her dogs or returns them. Gaga, who is currently in Italy, has had several calls with her father.


“Just try to be strong and remember that they’re together,” Germanotta said to his daughter. “They’re comforting each other.”

Disturbing 911 call

Meanwhile, the New York Post had reported how the dramatic police scanner audio reveals the moment when police officers responded to the place where Fischer was shot and robbed.

A 911 operator says over the scanner, “Shooting just occurred...caller heard one gunshot and a female screaming.” The 911 operator added, “One male down … male conscious and breathing, approximately 35-years-old, suffering from a gunshot wound.” Later in the audio, the 911 operator said that the two small dogs were taken. The assailant was last seen fleeing northbound on North Sierra Bonita Avenue towards Hollywood Boulevard in a white vehicle.

Lady Gaga (Getty Images)

"What kind of scum shoots a dog walker"

Following the news that Gaga's dogs were dognapped, several people on Twitter came to her support and asked her to stay strong. One user wrote, "i really hope lady gaga’s dog walker is doing okay. being shot in the chest multiple times???" While another wrote, "I'm sad and very sorry for your dogs.....I hope they will be back as soon as possible......!" While a third tweeted, "What kind of scum shoots a dog walker n steals dogs? Lady Gaga should give the dog walker $500,000 for having to live through that." Another added, "My girl lady Gaga hurting today and I love her. I’m hoping you kinda hearted soul- can get those doggies back quickly."





As per the latest update, sources close to the situation have revealed that Fischer was rushed to a hospital where he is recovering.

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