Meghan Markle ‘plays the race card to get a free pass to behave badly’, says Lady Colin Campbell

The royal author and reality TV star also claimed that Prince Harry 'would never have married her if she was White'

                            Meghan Markle ‘plays the race card to get a free pass to behave badly’, says Lady Colin Campbell
Lady Colin Campbell believes Meghan Markle is a born drama queen (Getty Images)

Lady Colin Campbell has claimed that Prince Harry "would never have married" Meghan Markle "if she was White". The author made these sharp comments during an interview with an Australian TV show, where she also accused Meghan of "playing the race card to get a free pass to behave badly".

She told the 'Today' program, "Meghan weaponizes color with everything. You see, as long as she plays the color card, she gets a free pass to behave as badly and as freely as she would like. She has no boundaries and as long as she plays the color card, it is open season."


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Campbell, who is known for eccentric character traits after having appeared in a number of reality TV shows, also went as far as to say that Meghan's skin color "was the one thing that she had going in her favor". She added, "Had Meghan been White, there is no way that marriage would have proceeded, because Meghan's past was rather too chequered, and Meghan's personality was very abrasive."

Campbell, however, agreed with Harry and Meghan on being targeted and attacked by the British media. "She was absolutely attacked." However, she said the tabloid treatment is something every celebrity in Britain is forced to face. "Meghan had a very easy ride of it, but Meghan is a born complainer, and a drama queen."

Lady Colin Campbell arrives for the 'Oldie Of The Year Awards' at Simpsons in the Strand on February 2, 2016 in London, England.

Host Leila McKinnon asked if Campbell had ever met Meghan, to which she responded, "I've not met Meghan and I don't want to meet Meghan." To which McKinnon responded: "Well, my dear, maybe if you haven't met Meghan, you perhaps don't know exactly what she is like and you are just hearing what you are hearing from sources with their own agendas?"

Campbell recently claimed to know the royal member accused by Meghan of racism. When Prince Harry and Meghan opened up about how certain conversations about Archie's skin color took place within the Palace, many wanted to know the member who had had this conversations with Harry. Harry, when asked about the identity and the details of the conversation, said that he would "never share" the full details of the discussion.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visits the the Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham to attend a special assembly ahead of International Women’s Day (IWD) held on Sunday 8th March, on March 6, 2020 in London, England.

Campbell made these comments in a YouTube video where the controversial royal commentator claimed, “I know who it is - I’ve known for a little while who it is.” She also insisted the race row, which has plunged the royal family into crisis, was taken out of context, claiming, "There were no concerns about Meghan’s color."

Citing a member of the royal family, she said the person had been "rightly concerned". She said this was "not because of Meghan’s color, but because of Meghan’s inability and determination to remain unable to appreciate the cultural differences and to actually have respect for the institution in to which she was marrying, and the family in which she was marrying."

In a long clip which Campbell shared with her 77,000 subscribers, she claimed the objections over Meghan had been on the ground of "character" and "personality". She also said, "(The royal family member) did not think Harry should marry Meghan Markle and thought that everybody going along with it was making a great mistake." She also explained what she had meant by "the wrong sort of American" to say that Meghan was a "cool Californian babe" who believes "all of life's problems can be solved with a trip to the beach and avocado".

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