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'Labor of Love': Stewart confronts Kristy about having a mixed racial child, asks if her parents would be okay

Stewart Gill and Kristy Katzmann talk about some serious topics that make her ponder more about their relationship
Stewart and Kristy (FOX)
Stewart and Kristy (FOX)

Kristy Katzmann has been looking for a man she can start a family with and in the latest episode (July 9), she had the chance of visiting the hometown of the top three contestants. Kristy has always wanted someone independent and mature to start a family with and keeping this in mind, she decided to spend time with each one of them.

During her date with Stewart Gill, Kristy felt like she was in a serious relationship that was painted just how she had wanted. To make sure Kristy knew what it would be like to spend time with him, he decided to show her around his house and asked her to imagine a life living in the house. Kristy was shocked to see the beautiful place. She admitted that she could imagine the children having enough room to move around and have some fun. At the same time, Stewart hinted that he wanted to have a welcoming house where everyone felt at ease and comfortable enough to spend some time. 

As the two continued talking, Stewart invited his friends to meet Kristy. They all had some good time and Kristy got the opportunity to know about Stewart more. Unfortunately, she was getting comfortable in the environment and admitted that meeting Stewart's friends was like meeting someone she had known before. 

With the day coming to an end, Stewart decided to bring some serious topics into the conversation. He asked Kristy if she had thought about having a mixed racial child. Kristy admitted that it hadn't been something that was on her mind. Stewart then opened up about his past relationship and revealed that his ex-girlfriend's parents did not want to meet him because he was Black. 

Kristy was shocked to hear this and admitted she had been naive to not think about it. Stewart asked her if her parents would be open to having him in their lives. Kristy made it clear that her family is welcoming and would not have any problem. Stewart felt good about the response and the two kissed each other. 

Kristy admitted that she felt good about spending time with Stewart and thought he had all the qualities that she had been looking for. But only the next episode will tell if she will choose him over Kyle Klinger.

'Labor of Love' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on FOX.