'Labor of Love': Kyle is 'father material', say fans who hope he wins after seeing his chemistry with Kristy

Fans are rooting for Kyle to be the father of Kristy's babies on 'Labor of Love'

                            'Labor of Love': Kyle is 'father material', say fans who hope he wins after seeing his chemistry with Kristy
Kyle Klinger (FOX)

The chemistry between Kristy Katzmann and Kyle Klinger is undeniable. Although Kyle failed to catch Kristy's eye in the beginning, now she can't take her eyes off him. The handsome veteran managed to woo his way to her heart by being a kind and considerate gentleman. He has consistently performed well in the drills designed to gauge if the men on the show are cut out to be good fathers. 

The latest episode of 'Labor of Love' featured Marcus Lehman trying to create a wedge between Kyle and Kristy after realizing how close they were getting. Unfortunately for Marcus the plan not only backfired but pushed Kristy closer to Kyle. Fans too seem to be in awe of this handsome gentleman. After watching how well Kristy and Kyle connect with each other and also seeing him ace the challenge of caring for a baby, they are convinced that he might be the winner. 

A fan tweeted, "Why do I have a huge feeling that @kyleklinger05 is the winner? #LaborofLove." Another fan wrote, "I think it says something about how good of a dude kyle is because he looks a LOT like an older version of one of my ex-boyfriends and i STILL think he’d be a great choice for a dad and husband lol #LaborofLove." Another fan shared, "Let’s be real here. Kyle and Stewart are the best 2 here and should be the final 2. Father/husband material, attractive, lots going for them. Yep yep and yep.  #LaborofLove."

Labor of Love' follows Kristy, a 41-year-old successful and beautiful woman, who has everything that she wants in her life, except for a child. She meets 15 men on the show, who are keen on settling down and embracing parenthood, just like Kristy. After eight weeks of challenges and romantic dates, Kristy will decide if she has found the man with whom she'd like to settle down and start a family or if she'd rather continue on the path to motherhood on her own.

'Labor of Love' airs every Thursday at 9/8c on FOX.

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