'Labor of Love': Kristy keeps Marcus around, unhappy fans wonder how she doesn't see through his weirdness

Fans felt that Marcus should have been sent home after watching all the mind games he began playing on 'Labor of Love'

                            'Labor of Love': Kristy keeps Marcus around, unhappy fans wonder how she doesn't see through his weirdness
Kristy Katzmann and Marcus Lehman (FOX)

'Labor of Love' contestant Marcus Lehman started off on a high note. He not only managed to impress the mother-to-be, Kristy Katzmann, but also all the fans with his charm and wit. So, it came as no surprise when Kristy saw him as a "clear frontrunner" and always kept him around. As the competition between the men began getting stronger with just the top five contestants left, we are beginning to see a very different side of several contestants.

The previous episode saw Keith Reams being sent home after Kristy saw through his temper and opposing ideologies and beliefs. The latest episode featured fan-favorite contestant Marcus showing an ugly side of him. Marcus was clearly jealous of his fellow contestant Klinger. Kyle and Kristy clearly share a better chemistry and she seems to be drawn to him, which isn't sitting too well with Marcus.

So, Marcus decided to play the game and went to Kristy and tattled about Kyle to her. He expressed how Kyle wasn't being genuine to her and later he went to Kyle and told him about how Kristy says the same things to all guys. He tried sabotaging Kristy and Kyle's connection, but ended up failing miserably because Kristy wasn't entirely convinced with what Marcus had to say about Kyle. Finally, when it was time for her to send a few men home, she decided to send Gary Malec and Trent home instead of Marcus. She explained to Gary and Trent about how she had stronger connections with the other men compared to the two and justified her decision to keep Marcus around by expressing how she had some of the best moments with him and that he was a frontrunner in her eyes from day one. 

Despite Kristy's reasoning and explanations, fans weren't very pleased with her decision and felt that Marcus should have been sent home. A fan tweeted, "Good grief she kept Marcus #LaborofLove." Another fan wrote, "Okay seriously please send Marcus home!!! He's getting weirder and weirder as each week passes. #LaborofLove." One more said, "What is wrong with her? How can she not see through Marcus??? #LaborofLove." Few fans felt that she should have kept Trent around instead of Marcus. A fan commented, "Marcus? REALLY? Should've just kept Trent  #laboroflove." Another fan echoed, "Damn I would have sent Marcus home before I sent Trent packing #laboroflove."

'Labor of Love' airs every Thursday at 9 pm ET only on FOX.

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