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LA maskless woman at CVS calls Covid-19 a 'myth', dares onlookers to call cops saying she's healthy

In the video uploaded by singer John Legend’s manager, Ty Stiklorius, that has since gone viral, the unidentified woman claimed that she doesn't have to wear a mask because she has no symptoms
UPDATED DEC 28, 2020
(Ty Stiklorius/Twitter)
(Ty Stiklorius/Twitter)

A healthcare worker was seen trying to reason in vain with a woman who refused to wear a mask at a CVS in Los Angeles, California. In the video uploaded by singer John Legend’s manager, Ty Stiklorius, that has since gone viral, the unidentified woman claimed that she doesn't have to wear a mask because she's healthy and shows no symptoms. She also dared people standing around her to call the cops. "My son & I were at CVS in Los Angeles, the epicenter of the virus where 1 person is dying every 10 mins from COVID-19 & this woman was refusing to wear a mask & arguing with everyone. The selfishness she exhibited was intense. It blew our minds. My 10-yr-old has more sense," Stiklorius wrote. 

When she approached the counter of the store and was met with immediate pushback from the staff, the woman started arguing with them about the mask mandate and why she should be exempt from wearing one. "Doesn't it occur to anyone that this doesn't make any sense?" the woman said. "That healthy people should be treated like they're sick?"

She also refused to simply follow the rules like everyone else, insisting that she could not be forced to follow either the store's policies or the state mandate. "Why would I follow the nonsensical rule?" she asked. "Why would I be treated like a sick person?" She then claimed that she is also "entitled to service" despite declining to abide by the company's policies. When the employees, in turn, claimed that as part of their privacy policy they held the right to deny her service, the woman alleged to have a health condition that barred CVS from denying her service. "I will report you. I will report you," the woman said. "So you are breaking a law here, not me."


In a second video of the incident, the woman was confronted by a healthcare worker who attempted to explain the seriousness of the pandemic, which included hospitals being overwhelmed with coronavirus patients and how Covid-19 was very different than the common flu. "There's like 36 people with Covid in the ICU. Whenever there's a flu, there's only two or three patients at a time in the ICU," the healthcare worker explained. "Literally the entire hospital is Covid cases. This has never happened."

Despite the healthcare worker's attempt at explaining about the pandemic, the woman continued to spread falsehoods about the disease, including that it was a "myth" and insisted that only those who are sick should have to wear a mask. "This is not what they are telling us it is," she said. "This is a lie." She also vowed to push back against social distancing guidelines. "It will go on and on and on as long as they feed us this lie and we comply with it, and I am done," the woman says. "Tonight, I reached a breaking point. I'm a healthy person. I'm not crazy," she added as another older woman approached her alleging to be an undercover officer with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) before threatening to call the police. "This is like psychosis for everyone to put all this stuff on their face when they're healthy."

"Go ahead!" the anti-masker said to the threat of having the cops called upon her. "They cant arrest me because there's no laws." Even Stiklorious attempted to reason with the woman while recording the incident on the phone but her attempts were in vain.


In her second video, Chrissy Teigen, Legend's wife, commented saying, "I am always fine when I scream LOOK AT ME IM FINE." Soon others chimed in with outrage. One of them wrote, "In the first video she claimed that she didn’t have to wear the mask bc she had a health condition, now she just doesn’t want to because she’s healthy. So she’s a liar as well as inconsiderate. And they can arrest her for trespassing by not leaving when asked to." Another said, "I feel for the healthcare worker that gave the crazy woman the benefit of a doubt and attempted to use reason with’s a waste of time."

A third wrote, "This selfish woman is parroting the same inaccurate information that Fox News has been repeating for its audiences for months, dripping it into the consciousness of those who are single source info consumers. Also seen in RW social channels. BTW, asymptomatic spread IS real." The next remarked, "So doctors and OR Nurses should not wear a mask because they are healthy, regardless of the patients on the table." Another quipped, "Oh my lord. Just wear the damn mask. We all wants this to be over. I want to see my family again. I want to hug people again."