'La Grande Classe': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about Netflix's French school reunion movie

Netflix's new French release La Grande Classe will be a fun addition to the generally promising school reunion theme

                            'La Grande Classe': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about Netflix's French school reunion movie

Part of Netflix's slated plans to push for expansion into France and close on the heels of it (re)-opening its Paris office this summer, the streaming platform is all set to release one of four new French acquisitions, the "raunchy, feel-good, goofy" middle school reunion comedy film 'La Grande Classe'. Another collaboration from French writer-director duo Julien War and Remy Four, and featuring French comedy actors Ludovik Day and Jerome Niel, 'La Grande Classe' promises to be a fun new example of the comedically-promising, sweetly emotional school reunion theme. 

A still from 'La Grande Classe' (Netflix)


Release date

'La Grande Classe' (also known as 'Back to School') will be available to stream on Netflix on August 30.


'La Grande Classe' tells the story of two best friends, now "uber-Parisians", returning to their small-town middle school reunion to flaunt their new success in front of (and take revenge on) erstwhile bullies and crushes. Rated PG-MA (for mature audiences), the 83-minute long, supposed "bro comedy" film promises to show how returning to that strange, loaded environment can make mad-cap, insecure, wild teenagers of even fully-grown adults. 

Two childhood best friends (Ludovik Day and Jerome Niel) return to the small-town middle school reunion (Netflix)


Ludovik Day

Comedian, director and Internet sensation Ludovik Day has previously featured in three seasons of the French sci-fi web-series 'Visiteur du futur', and also appears in several comedy sketches by the French comedic duo Palmashow. With over a million fans on Facebook, he’s a comedic star in his own right and was also the co-writer and director of the skit 'Hollywood 2.0'.

Jerome Niel
Jerome Niel is a comedian, writer, video producer, and director who works closely with the French television station Canal. After he began uploading his video shorts on YouTube, he was quickly noticed by MTV, for whom he wrote 40 episodes of a short video series, and later, in May 2013, by the nightly French news and talk show program 'Le Grand Journal', where he created a miniseries called 'Speakerine'.  


Written and directed by Remy Four and Julien War 
The film was written and directed by Remy Four and Julien War. The duo has previously worked together as writers on the French films 'Gangsterdam' and 'On the Other Side of the Tracks', and both served as consultants on the 2013 film 'Wrestling Queens'. They were also the writers and directors of the 2013 short comedy film 'J'aime beaucoup ta mère'.

The movie also features music by the French artist Sinclair.


A trailer for this film has not been released. Watch this space for updates.

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