'Intuition' aka 'La corazonada': Meet the cast of the Argentinian crime thriller by Alejandro Montiel

'Intuition' aka 'La corazonada': Meet the cast of the Argentinian crime thriller by Alejandro Montiel

One of the much-anticipated foreign content for this week on Netflix is 'La corazonada' (titled 'Intuition' in English), an Argentinian crime thriller that follows a young policewoman, who is taking her first steps as an investigator. Coupled with this is also her mission to investigate a crime that sees her boss as a guilty party. Pipa will have the difficult task of secretly investigating the crime of a young man in which his boss Juanez appears to be guilty.

Manuela 'Pipa' Pelari (Luisana Lopilato) stars as the titular character with Joaquín Furriel playing Juanez. Rafael Ferro, Maite Lanata, Juan Guilera, Abel Ayala, Sebastián Mogordoy, Delfina Chaves, and Marita Ballesteros form the rest of the cast. Ahead of the film's release, here's what you need to know about the main leads.

Luisana Lopilato

Actress Luisana Lopilato (Getty Images)

Lopilato plays Pipa, the policewoman who is fairly new to the investigation part of the job. As far as Lopilato's filmography goes, the 33-year-old shot to prominence after starring in the Argentinian telenovela series, 'Rebelde Way.' In addition, she has also starred various telenovelas, series 'Chiquititas', 'Alma Pirata', 'Atracción x4' and 'Casados con Hijos' the Argentinian remake of the hit American series, 'Married...with Children'.

Joaquin Furriel

Actor Joaquin Furriel (Getty Images)

The Argentinian actor is known for his 2014 crime drama, "El patrón, radiografía de un crimenl' ('The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime'). In 'Intuition', he plays Juanez, a controversial inspector from the homicide division. His major works include a romance series, 'Don Juan y Su Bella dama' and 'Cain & Abel'. 

Rafael Ferro

Rafael Ferro (IMDb)

While Ferro's role in relatively unknown in the film, it is safe to assume he is one of the pivotal characters. Fans will remember him for playing Marcelo Ugly in the 2009 Argentinian romance drama, 'Ciega a citas ' and 'Lalola' where he plays Gastón Zack. The series deals with a woman being transformed into a more beautiful self by a man on the night of an eclipse. But as luck would have it, the woman falls in love with another man who has no idea of her past. 

'La corazonada'/'Intuition' directed by Alejandro Montiel releases on Thursday on Netflix. Check out the trailer below:


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