Kylie Jenner believes Caitlyn Jenner's much-younger girlfriend Sophia Hutchins is a gold digger: Report

Kylie Jenner is not happy with Caitlyn Jenner and her relationship with Sophia Hutchins as she believes it is all about money and not love

                            Kylie Jenner believes Caitlyn Jenner's much-younger girlfriend Sophia Hutchins is a gold digger: Report
Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins (Source : Getty Images)

Caitlyn Jenner seems to have found 'true love' in Sophia Hutchins, an aspiring model. The two seem extremely happy in each other's company and have even started living together. However, it looks like Caitlyn's youngest daughter Kylie, 20, is finding it hard to wrap her head around the fact that her dad is dating a woman who is just two years older than her.

Caitlyn, 68, is reportedly head over heels in love with Sophia and cannot stop gushing over their romance. But Kylie clearly has had enough of it. And to make matters worse for Kylie, Sophia is also passionate about modeling and makeup. In October last year, Caitlyn and Sophia were spotted buying some makeup items in Malibu, California.

“Cait couldn’t stop talking about Sophia, her beauty and how much she’s into fashion and makeup and even suggested Kylie hire Sophia to work on her cosmetic lines,” the source told Radar Online. “Kylie wasn’t hearing any of that and told Cait Sophia’s too young and only in the relationship for the money." However, Caitlyn was not too happy to see what her daughter thought about Sophia and tried to explain to her that she is, in fact, a nice person. 

“Cait took offense to that and explained to Kylie that Sophia is the most honest, open and understanding women she’s ever been with in her life. Kylie took that as a diss to her mother and they dropped the subject," the source added. Meanwhile, another source told the website that Caitlyn has been spending a lot of cash on Sophia. 

“Caitlyn is spending an absolute fortune on Sophia,” the source said. “She’s constantly treating her to drinks and dinners at the nicest restaurants in town and buys her jewelry and handbags all the time!” There is a hefty price that Caitlyn is paying for all this. This is costing Caitlyn at least $50,000 each week but she thinks nothing of this weird arrangement," the source noted. This comes after Sophia and Caitlyn attended ESPYs 2018 together. 

The reality star was spotted wearing a black velour knee-length dress that she paired with black pumps. Meanwhile, Sophia rocked a midnight blue silk dress. The pair looked chic and dressed on point for the occasion. Caitlyn also took to Instagram to express her excitement over attending the event once again. "Sophia and I off to the ESPY's. Bringing back old memories of my first public outing. Life is good!" she wrote on Instagram along with a picture of both of them before they headed out to attend the event.

Previously, Caitlyn had attended the event in 2015 and was surrounded by all her fans. That year, Caitlyn, who was formally known as Bruce Jenner, was honored with the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage for her athletic achievements and her public struggle to come out as transgender.

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