Kylie Jenner says she will not be sharing pictures of her daughter Stormi anymore

Kylie Jenner says she will not be sharing pictures of her daughter Stormi anymore
Kylie Jenner (Source:Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner is opening up about her social media stance regarding her baby girl Stormi. The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star revealed to fans that she will not be sharing any more pictures of her daughter on social media.

As reported by Us Weekly, Kylie had stopped posting pictures of her daughter. Kylie took to her social media on Sunday to post a picture of herself without any makeup on and many of her followers were quick to see that her little daughter was cut out from the picture. 

Many fans started to question Kylie's new Instagram avatar and began to wonder why she chose to hide her baby's face. In response to one such fan, Kylie commented, "Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now," Jenner added.

In the selfie that Kylie had shared, fans were able to catch a glimpse of baby Stormi. Kylie captioned the picture, "I spy with my little eye…"

The KUWTK star had chosen to keep her pregnancy with Travis Scott a secret until the very end and only confirmed the pregnancy a few days after baby Stormi was born. On February 4, when Stormi was born, Kylie took to Instagram to say, "I understand you’re used to me bringing you along on all my journeys. my pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world."

"I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress-free, and healthy way I knew how. There was no gotcha moment, no big paid reveal I had planned. I knew my baby would feel every stress and every emotion so I chose to do it this way for my little life and our happiness," she continued. 

Since baby Stormi's birth, Kylie has frequently taken to social media to share photos and videos of her baby girl but, on Sunday, it seemed as though she had deleted pictures which clearly show her daughter's face. The reason behind the 'Life of Kylie' star removing the pictures of her daughter could very well be because of many of the rumors surrounding Stormi and how she resembled Kylie's bodyguard, Tim Chung. 


Rumors suggested that it was Tim who was the actual father of Stormi and not Travis Scott. This escalated to the point where Tim Chung had to resort to removing his own Instagram and release a statement denying paternity or any sort of intimate contact with Kylie Jenner. 

"I am a very private person and would normally never answer to gossip and stories that are so ridiculous that they are laughable. Out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, and their daughter together and their families, I would like to set the record straight and say that my interactions with Kylie and her family have been limited in strictly a professional capacity only. There is no story here and I ask that the media no longer include me in any narrative that is incredibly disrespectful to their family," Tim wrote on social media.


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