Kylie Jenner gets mom shamed by 'parent police' for leaving baby Stormi at home for Coachella

There's two-month-old baby Stormi at home but Kylie Jenner was at Coachella, and people thought they would have to tell her what it actually means to be a 'cool mum'.

                            Kylie Jenner gets mom shamed by 'parent police' for leaving baby Stormi at home for Coachella
Kylie Jenner (Source:Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner believes that she is "not a regular mom" but a "cool mom" as she shared snaps from her weekend at Coachella. Even though it seemed like she had a lot of fun with Travis Scott, Kourtney Kardashian, Jordyn Woods, and Younes Bendjima by her side, people are not happy to see that the new mom chose to leave her two-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster at home and instead head to crazy booze and loud music festival. 

Even though Kylie and Travis kept a low profile throughout the festival, she did not hesitate to show off her wigs and hair colors that she chose for the event. Even though she seemed pretty alright with leaving Stormi at home, people thought that she was being selfish. Many started commenting that she wasn't a 'cool mom' but rather someone who needed to figure things out in her life. 

"Your not a cool mom. Your an entitled young lady who has yet to figure out what's important in life," one comment read. "It's not money it's not cars houses and fame. Leaving your baby to go hang out at a festival. Not cool at all. The precious time spent with your child is and dedicating yourself to that would make you cool."

“Mom”??? You don’t even know the real meaning of it!! You don’t deserve to be called “mom”... Drinking and dancing at 2week postpartum????!!??!!?! What kind of person are you!!!!!" another comment read. While there were others who thought that Kylie was posting these pictures as a means to grab attention. 

"I don’t see a cool mom. I see an attention seeking a young woman with a two-month-old infant, wherever you choose to stanch her for now," the comment read. Another read, "A cool mom does not leave her 2-month-old baby to party at Coachella it’s pretty sad!!" However, there were some came to Kylie's defense suggesting that she could be a mom and still go out and have fun. 

"Disgusted at the attacks," the comment read. "Being a Mother does not mean you stop having a life or give up your identity. Do you judgmental people honestly believe her child is being neglected because she is enjoying herself for a few days? A few days off even longer will not change ANYTHING. Give it a rest. Babies sleep. Milk can be stored. These nasty comments are cruel. Be kind. It’s not that difficult." Another added, " How do you know she doesn't bond with her child? You have a secret spy cam??? It takes a second to post a pic so chill."