'KUWTK' Season 19: Kris can't believe Khloe impersonated her in epic 'drunk' prank with Scott's help

Khloe and Scott Disick leave Kris Jenner confused with their elaborate prank where Khloe is drunk and even urinates in public to embarrass the momager

                            'KUWTK' Season 19: Kris can't believe Khloe impersonated her in epic 'drunk' prank with Scott's help
Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Scott Disick (Getty Images)

Remember the epic prank that Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick were planning in the previous season on Kris Jenner? In Season 18 we saw Scott and Khloe gang up to embarrass Kris. Khloe decided to impersonate Kris and act like a bad drunk in public, while Scott directed the paparazzi shots of Khloe impersonating Kris.

Unfortunately, before the big reveal of the prank, the previous season ended, leaving us hanging. Thankfully, Season 19 picked off where it left last season. Khloe and Scott revealed that they weren't entirely happy with the previous set of photographs of Khloe impersonating a wasted Kris Jenner. So, this time around they decided to take the prank up a notch and pay close attention to details, so much so that when Kris sees the photographs, there shouldn't be even an iota of doubt in her mind about whether it was her or not in the photographs.

So, to achieve that, Kim and Khloe Kardashian rope in Kris's boyfriend Corey Gamble into their plan. They all go out together and get drunk. By the end of their outing, Kris is completely tipsy. Khloe and Kim then request Kris's assistant to pick up all the clothes and jewellery that Kris was wearing that day from the house and bring it to them. Once Khloe receives Kris's clothes, she and Scott once again try taking embarrassing photos. This time, Khloe does some intense dumpster diving and also urinates in public, while Scott as usual gives wonderful directions to the paparazzi.

Instead of waiting too long to release the pictures, the duo hand over the shots to Kris's publicist and get straight to work. When Kris sees the pictures, she begins freaking out, Corey too looks at them and confirms that it is her and that they made a brief pitstop on their way back home, since he needed to use the rest room, and guessed that Kris might have done her crazy antics at that time.

Kris gets very upset and begins snapping at her boyfriend for not taking care of her when she was drunk. Scott and Khloe then decide to diffuse the situation before it escalates. So, they meet Kris and Scott and gently break it to her that it was Khloe impersonating Kris in the pictures. When Kris hears it, she is beyond shocked and she just cannot understand how that happened. As they begin explaining the whole process to her, Kris is left feeling astonished by their elaborate prank. Knowing Kris Jenner we wouldn't be surprised if the momager decides to get back at the pranksters in her own unique style. 

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