'KUWTK': Amused fans ask Kim Kardashian 'how do you go to the bathroom' in her skin-tight latex suit

Kim Kardashian's skin-tight latex suit left fans with several questions about the functionality of the outfit, but many also commended her for pulling off the difficult look with ease

                            'KUWTK': Amused fans ask Kim Kardashian 'how do you go to the bathroom' in her skin-tight latex suit
Kim Kardashian (Presley Ann/Getty Images)

It is no secret that Kim Kardashian loves flaunting her stunning curves with her skin-tight, body-hugging clothes. During the Paris Fashion Week, earlier this year, Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe Kardashian wore skin-tight latex suits, which got everyone talking. The latest episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' gave us a peek into all the efforts that went behind Kim donning the outfit.

Kim reveals that she reached out to Balmain's Olivier Rousteing for his latest latex collection. So Olivier sent the Kardashian sisters outfits from the collection. Kim and Kourtney decide to wear similar latex suits but in different colors for Kanye West's Sunday service. Kim could be heard joking about how they are the kind of people to wear latex to church. 

But putting on the suit turned out to be a herculean task. Kim's whole entourage was involved in helping the reality star squeeze into the skin-tight outfit. At one point, while pulling up the latex trouser, Kim got worried that the pant might have ripped. Her assistant had to assure her that everything was alright. Finally after she managed to put on the top and trouser, she had to wear a blazer over them, followed by latex gloves. In short, Kim was covered from head to toe in the latex suit.

When fans saw Kim in such a body-hugging outfit, they couldn't help but wonder how she would be using the bathroom while wearing the outfit. A fan tweeted, "Like how do you go to the bathroom?? You can’t in that outfit #KUWTK." Another fan wrote, "Okay but how did you went to the bathroom with those latex outfits on?  @KimKardashian #KUWTK."




Kim's outfit also garnered some hilarious reactions from amused fans. A fan commented, "@KimKardashian trying to put the latex outfit just remind me of one episode of 'Friends' where ross is wearing leather pants and can't put the pants back on  #KUWTK." Another fan joked, "@KimKardashian putting on this latex outfit is all of us trying to get thru 2020 #KUWTK @enews @eentertainment."




Despite the many jokes, fans couldn't help but commend the reality star for pulling off the outfit so beautifully. A fan expressed, "I would have a full on anxiety attack and then hot flash trying to put on that latex suit. The ladies look good in it though. #KUWTK." Another said, "I know @KimKardashian was struggling putting those latex outfits on all I know is I’d be sweating like crazy #KUWTK."




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