'Kung Fu Panda' comes full circle with Po training 4 disciples as clumsy as his old self in 'The Paws of Destiny'

The upcoming series will tell the story of Nu Hai, Jing, Bao and, Fan Tong, the four pandas who are collectively the troublemakers of the Panda Village

                            'Kung Fu Panda' comes full circle with Po training 4 disciples as clumsy as his old self in 'The Paws of Destiny'

Fret no more about the cartoons the new generation is watching. Changing the ongoing dynamics of what people often call out to be eye-sore/mind-sore cartoon shows, especially by comparing it to the ones of the '90s, is the new animated series that is premiering on Amazon Prime on November 16.

Titled 'Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny,' the new series needs no introduction but, at the same time, it is not reminiscent of the old ones despite being based off the same 'Kung Fu Panda' franchise. This time, we let Po take the side-stage. Why? Because he's old news, even if he is the Dragon Master, there are new Kung Fu masters and new powers to look forward to. As it is, the events take place after Kung Fu Panda 3 so there is no replacing the love.

Introducing four panda kids: Nu Hai, Jing, Bao and, Fan Tong. Each boast their own peculiar nature and are collectively the troublemakers of the Panda Village. That itself sets a premise for the story that unfurls as the kids' mischiefs lead them to stumble upon a mystical cave beneath their hamlet. As their curious minds push them to dig further, the mysterious temple unleashes its powers, and the four become the recipient of supernatural abilities.

Even though this isn't anything new as even Powerpuff Girls were born out of Professor Utonium's Chemical X, there's this journey of self-discovery of the four panda kids that warms our hearts almost instantly. The 'Kung Fu Panda' protagonist, Po, has a new role, that of a master, fated to train these kids who are destined to save the world from evil forces; starting right from the Dragon Master, who, just so you know, is not Po.

The events kick-off as the kids realize that the temple they chanced upon was, in fact, the temple of the 'Four Constellations,' aka the four powerful Kung Fu warriors of the universe. The four Panda kids are granted the 'Chi' (vital force/superpower) of these four warriors; Blue Dragon, Black Tortoise, White Tiger, and Red Phoenix.

Interestingly, these are based on traditional Chinese astronomy, where the legends actually have it that the Four Constellations are the first warriors to achieve total mastery of Chi.

After the incident at the temple, the kids find themselves glowing, rather uncontrollably. The wannabes who aspire to be Po's disciples really become that. Po has not changed at all. He is still the clumsy Kung Fu fighter we've always known and loved. Thank god for that, Po actually makes us roar with laughter while kids' hopelessness echoes the first installment of the franchise where Po was the hopeless Kung Fu student of Master Shifu.

The villain to look out for is a vulture named Jindiao, who is masquerading as the Dragon Master, serving the nearby monastery as a spiritual leader. Backed by an entire army of villains, Jindiao is a scary antagonist feeding on the Chi of others.


In a world where quantity outweighs the value of quality, this half-an-hour episode will be a refreshing new treat for kids and adults alike. The series may feature talking pandas, which we don't complain about at all, but the message it renders is applicable to the real world. Something that the new children's cartoons tend to ignore.

Underlying the story of four kids discovering their Chi with the help of Po, we take away the lesson of patience, determination, and persistence. But above all, there are ample of political reference that serves as a reality check. We also hear the reference to the "universe" a lot.

The adventurous series coming from an Emmy Award-winning executive producers Mitch Watson (All Hail King Julien), Elliott Owen (All Hail King Julien), and Lane Lueras (The Adventures of Puss in Boots) stars the voice of Chrissy Metz (This Is Us) as Mei Mei, Mick Wingert as Po, James Hong (Kung Fu Panda Franchise) as Mr. Ping, Amy Hill (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, 50 First Dates) as Grandma Panda, Haley Tju (Bella and the Bulldogs) as Nu Hai, Laya DeLeon Hayes (Doc McStuffins) as Jing, Gunnar Sizemore as Bao, and Makana Say as Fan Tong.

All 13 half-hour episodes of 'Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny' will premiere on November 16 and this marks the first time an original series from DreamWorks Animation Television will be available to Amazon Prime Video customers worldwide.

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