KTH1: When is BTS's V dropping his mixtape? Here's what Kim Taehyung hinted at in a tweet

The ‘Sweet Night’ crooner tweeted after MAMA 2020: 'Kim taehyung knows only ARMY. I love you. Thank you. I'm waiting for you. See you soon. I miss you. ARMY is precious' 

                            KTH1: When is BTS's V dropping his mixtape? Here's what Kim Taehyung hinted at in a tweet
V (Big Hit Entertainment)

With BTS star V’s birthday coming soon, Kim Taehyung fans are eager to know if his mixtape known as KTH1 is dropping before December 30. His last tweet after the Mnet Asia Music Awards 2020 may have hinted at the upcoming mixtape release date, BTS Army believes. Here’s what we know about his much-anticipated mixtape release.

The ‘Sweet Night’ crooner tweeted after MAMA 2020, "Kim Taehyung knows only ARMY. I love you. Thank you. I'm waiting for you. See you soon. I miss you. ARMY is precious.” 


The tweet was recently interpreted by BTS army as a hint to Taehyung’s mixtape dropping soon as he has been talking about dropping it at the end of the year for a while now. One fan wrote, “If taehyung drops kth1 on his birthday i’ll seriously fly to other dimensions and drown into galaxies while listening to his healing voice.” Another said, "Taehyung said he wanted to drop kth1 before the end of the year.. that’s less than a month i’m telling you he’s dropping it on his birthday and it’s gonna be called vcut.”



With his birthday less than three weeks away, here’s a catch-up thread of all the teasers of Kim Taehyung’s mixtape that we have so far.

Taehyung shared a number of teasers, short snippets of his songs throughout 2020 as a sneak peek for his mixtape. In June’s YouTube live, the 25-year-old Grammy-nominated BTS vocalist shared that he has written eight tracks so far for the mixtape and he also has been recording quite a lot. He does not know how many will end up in the final cut of the album. The ‘Winter Bear’ singer said, “At this point, I think there are about eight tracks. I wrote about eight songs. Now I’m not sure which ones will make it on the mixtape. I’m thinking about it. Giving it lots of thought.” 


After this, he also shared a short snippet in July which he deleted after some time. The snippet caused a Twitter frenzy instantly and people were raving about how good the singer sounded with raw vocals and bluesy rhythms. V in an almost melancholic voice was heard singing: “The Worst was given to me from the heart of a loveless. I play the games/ fixed the puzzles but I am missing pieces. I act like my life is just perfect but behind my life really hurts me/ I am trying to save my love, saving myself with an umbrella of..” 


He also played another snippet on the BTS show ‘In The Soop’ while driving with BTS members Jimina and Jhope. In a behind-the-scene clip, the idyllic snippet revealed ‘Scenery’ crooner singing, “Will you please dance with me ‘cos I can’t live without you.”


In a recent Rollingstone India interview, V also talked about his mixtapes saying, "I’m exploring many different genres at the moment. I’m trying out different styles within a deeper and wider range, so there will be songs with more depth as well as styles you haven’t seen from me before."

From all this, Kim Taehyung fans are sure about the ‘Blue and Grey’ singer mixtape releasing soon. A fan talked about the singer’s ability in portraying vulnerable emotions through music. One fan said, “Seems like y'all forgot that blue & grey was supposedly in kth1. the way this one song already caused us emotional pain then what about his whole mixtape? since kth1 is about to drop in any time, i just wanna ask, are y'all ready to be in great pain?” Another said, “Mark my words KTH1 is dropping on or before Taehyung's birthday.” The anticipation is at an all-time high, now the question remains if it will come unannounced on Taetae’s birthday or not.



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