Kristen Stewart to make her feature film directorial debut with 'Chronology of Water'

The multi-talented Kristen Stewart will be making her first foray into feature film direction with 'Chronology of Water'

                            Kristen Stewart to make her feature film directorial debut with 'Chronology of Water'
Kristen Stewart (Source : Getty Images)

Kristen Stewart is set to add another feather to her cap by directing her first-ever feature film, which has been titled 'Chronology of Water.' The multi-talented Stewart, who is currently serving on the jury at the Cannes Film Festival and is also the face of popular fashion brands Chanel and Balenciaga, revealed this past week that she was currently working on the project.

The actress is said to be finishing up the screenplay which is based on writer Lidia Yuknavitch's memoir of the same name and will shoot the film this summer. Talking in Cannes in an interview, she confirmed the news and explained why she chose that particular novel.


Kristen Stewart will be making her directorial debut with 'Chronology of Water' (Source: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

She said: "Lidia Yuknavitch is from Portland. I love her novels but her memories… it’s deeply personal to her. She’s in my blood and I knew that before I met her. As soon as I met her it was like we started this race without any sense of competition.

"I'm making the movie this summer but other than that, my only goal is just to finish the screenplay and hire a really spectacular actor: I’m going to write the best f***ing female role. I’m going to write a role that I want so badly but that I’m not going to play," she continued.

She also spoke about what she sees as her dream role, promising that she would never venture into production. "Like, I’ll never produce a movie, I promise you. I will never set up a production company. I want to write and direct. And act for people who write and direct," she said.

“The Chronology of Water” is a memoir that highlights when addiction, sexuality, violence, and family intersect, it makes for an explosive tale. The protagonist, Yuknavitch, swims away from an abusive home via a swimming scholarship, later on only to spiral into drug and alcohol addiction. She explores her sexuality and her desire to be with both men and women. And a long struggle with grief and trying to come to terms with life, her career as a writer does she begin her process of healing. 

Stewart has successfully made the leap from the Twilight teen franchise to the actress she is today. But she did not stop there, she went on to explore more avenues. She made her proper directorial debut with a short film titled 'Come Swim,' which had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017 and also screened at the Cannes. She has directed music videos as well.

She says in her Cannes interview how 'Come Swim' was kind of awakening for her. She goes on to say: " The thing that I took away from it was that I want to f***ing make movies because it feels good, because it really is the best way to capture something, to put your finger on something and to bring a group of people together who feel the same way. Movies can educate, they can bring us together, bridge gaps, make us feel less alone. At the end of that movie I just felt totally fulfilled.