Did Kris Jenner touch ex-bodyguard's groin? Momager to face two new 'sexual misconduct and racist' allegations

The 65-year-old, who is already accused of coming on to her bodyguard by grabbing his butt, touching his groin and exposing herself to him, is now facing two additional charges

                            Did Kris Jenner touch ex-bodyguard's groin? Momager to face two new 'sexual misconduct and racist' allegations
Kris Jenner facing harassment allegations from former security guard Marc McWilliams (Instagram, Getty Images)

Kris Jenner now has two more allegations of "sexual misconduct and racist behavior" leveled against her, according to The Sun. She is reportedly being sued for sexual harassment by her former security guard, a Los Angeles court heard on Wednesday, January 27. The 65-year-old reality star, who is already accused of coming on to her bodyguard 20 years younger than her by grabbing his butt, touching his groin and exposing herself to him, is now going to face two additional charges.

Kris' former security guard Marc McWilliams was a one-time rapper and employed by the famous reality television family in 2017 and 2018. In 2020, he brought a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment, racial discrimination and other "outrageous" and "despicable" acts against Kris, reported The Sun

TV personalities Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian attend Opening Ceremony and Calvin Klein Jeans' celebration launch of the #mycalvins Denim Series with special guest Kendall Jenner at Chateau Marmont on April 23, 2015, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

According to McWilliams' declarations in his original complaint, Kris was "repeatedly and frequently causing her body to come into intimate physical contact" with his body. Among her "inappropriate" and "sexually suggestive" behavior, he listed "massaging (his) neck, shoulders, arms and back without his consent, causing her hand to rest on (his) thigh and groin, causing her pelvis to rub against (his)back and/or rear end without his consent or approval, causing her hands to come into contact with (his) rear end without his consent nor approval and exposing portions of her body to (him) in a lewd or suggestive manner". 

According to the latest reports, Kim Kardashian's 41-year-old sister Kourtney Kardashian is also named in the lawsuit but it is actually Kris who allegedly subjected McWilliams to a "pattern of unwanted and unwelcome sexual advances and otherwise harassing misconduct," he claimed in court documents. 

However, Kris' attorney Michael Rhodes said in a statement to the Daily Mail, "Kris Jenner categorically rejects these baseless claims". Neither Kris nor Kourtney or McWilliams showed up for a hearing at an LA Superior Court. But McWilliams' lawyer, Elisheva Rafael, attending by phone, told Judge Susan Bryant-Deason, that she's planning to file an amended complaint which will contain 'two new allegations against Kris Jenner".

Kris' lawyer said in a statement on Wednesday, January 27, "This lawsuit, filed back in September, has yet to be served on Ms Jenner and involves events alleged to have occurred more than two years ago. The allegations are not only wrong and scandalous but seem designed to coerce Ms Jenner into silence via a settlement. This will not happen."

"Rather, Ms Jenner fully intends to seek vindication at trial, armed with evidence that will show the falsity of the claims being made. Following that, Ms Jenner will pursue all of her available legal remedies to protect her good name and reputation and to hold those who brought this suit accountable," Rhodes added.

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble arrive at the Los Angeles Ballet Gala 2020 at The Broad Stage on February 28, 2020, in Santa Monica, California (Getty Images)

Court documents stated that McWilliams told Jenner that her behavior was unwelcome and asked her to stop. He is now seeking a jury trial. "But Jenner ignored all such requests and persisted with this inappropriate misconduct."

McWilliams, an African American, is also alleging racial discrimination, including, "pervasive and cruel mockery, harassment, belittling, and otherwise humiliating mistreatment by defendants due to (his) race."

When Jenner first made advances towards him, McWilliams complained to his security company employer's human resources department. However, he was reportedly ignored. Soon afterward, he was suspended from working with Kris, but continued working for Kourtney till he was fired on September 12, 2018, according to McWilliams.

He also plans on taking action against his employers David Shield Security and Armor Protection Services on whom the lawsuit alleges wrongful termination. McWilliams claimed that after getting fired from his job, he endured "harassment, intimidation and otherwise threatening misconduct in an effort to dissuade or prevent (him) from bringing any form of action against defendants for their unlawful misconduct."

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