Kris Jenner posts 'impossible' photo of Notre Dame fire with Eiffel Tower in background, confuses fans

Kris Jenner posts 'impossible' photo of Notre Dame fire with Eiffel Tower in background, confuses fans
Kris Jenner (Source : Getty Images)

Momager and 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star Kris Jenner has expressed that she is absolutely "devastated" by the Notre Dame fire as she shared a nearly impossible picture of the burning medieval structure engulfed in flames. 

The 63-year-old Kardashian matriarch shared a picture of the burning cathedral on Monday with the Eiffel Tower in the background. In the picture, a massive cloud of smoke is seen drifting across the sky and partially covering up the Eiffel Tower creating an unrealistic but stunning effect. However, this particular angle of the picture is geographically impossible as the two popular landmarks are located far from each other and cannot be captured in the same shot in that angle. 

Kris Jenner did not reveal where she had got the picture but did mention that she is praying for Paris and the people of France. She captioned her post, "This is just so devastating. My heart goes out to Paris. We grieve for you and pray that in time you can rebuild. Thanks to the brave firefighters who have worked so hard, risking their lives, to save the cathedral."

Momager Kris Jenner took to social media to express how 'devastated' she was to hear of the Notre Dame fire (Source: Getty Images)

The Notre Dame Cathedral nearly burned to the ground last night after a fire ravaged the 850-year-old building but was fortunately saved by more than 500 firefighters who did all they could to prevent the historic site from total devastation. The towering spire did not survive the extreme flames and collapsed as a result of the fire. Around two-thirds of the roof was also destroyed while the cathedral's iconic stained glass windows, exploded from to the heat. 

The Notre Dame cathedral was engulfed in flames as 500 firefighters fought hard to stop it (Source: Getty Images) 

There was a fair amount of damage to the interior, upper walls, and windows of the church, as well as numerous works of art. However, the two bell towers were saved. The fire, which had reportedly broken out from an attic in the cathedral, took less than an hour to spread across the roof and caused the spire to collapse. The stone ceiling vault which is located beneath the roof prevented most of the fire from falling into the interior below.

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