Will Kris Jenner use Kanye's meltdown to raise KUWTK ratings? Fans want an ‘episode where Kim divorces him’

Will Kris Jenner use Kanye's meltdown to raise KUWTK ratings? Fans want an ‘episode where Kim divorces him’
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Kris Jenner (Getty Images)

Whether Kanye West’s meltdown during his first presidential rally in South Carolina has worried his fans or not, the Kardashians have most definitely become the center of the discussion, with many wondering how the family is going to react to the rapper’s latest episode on Sunday, July 17 that has taken everyone by surprise. 

After Kanye broke down during the campaign and made shocking revelations about his wife Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and even spoke about her possibly divorcing him over it, social media is unable to stop wondering if this aspect from Kanye’s political journey would headline the upcoming season of the family's hit reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’. While a few are discussing the tension that could have brewed between Kanye and Kim, the rest are of the opinion that his mother-in-law Kris Jenner might use this as an opportunity to gather more TRP for her family show. 

Fans of the show are seen suggesting that Kanye’s meltdown will be most definitely used in the next season of KUWTK, owing to the Kardashians’ love for controversies. One tweeted, “The sad thing is that the #Kardashians are exploiting #KanyeWest and whatever he’s going through and will use this for another season of their show. Stop watching @KUWTK. They’re evil.”

Meanwhile, one fan noted that Kanye’s meltdown was an act staged by Kris to monetize on it when it’s featured on KUWTK. “I'm torn between believing Kanye West needs medical help or this is another elaborate plot constructed by Kris Jenner for the next season of KUWTK,” read the tweet. 

And some of the internet users have said that even if Kim decides to divorce Kanye, it would be done before the cameras for the sake of publicity. One tweeted, “Kim and kris realizing they might get this divorce done while the cameras are still rolling on KUWTK.”

“Eyy next season of @KUWTK is gonna be lit and I can’t wait ! I hope kim divorces him . I can’t believe he would say that about north and dissing kris about selling Kim’s s*x tape. Like mind yo business Kanye ! Lol” added another. 

However, some believed that Kanye would seek medical help for his behavior before the next season of KUWTK premieres. “Kanye will push the album back. Check in to therapy. Get released right before the new season of KUWTK. The season will focus on his recovery. Album drops. Kris Jenner is a genius.”


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