Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider fondly remembered by fans: 'Thank you for inventing electronic music'

Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider fondly remembered by fans: 'Thank you for inventing electronic music'
Florian Schneider (Marc Piasecki/Getty Images)

Fans are in mourning following the passing of Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider, an artiste who helped redefine the electronic pop genre and pioneer modern synth music.

Kraftwerk's music revolutionized the industry and inspired countless other artistes over the decades, including David Bowie and Coldplay. Schneider passed away on May 6 at the age of 73, following a long battle with cancer.

"Another pioneer lost. Quarantunes 2.712818 RIP Florian Schneider. Took me too long to realize how amazing this music was," tweeted one fan.

Another said, "Vale #FlorianSchneider the co-founder of #Kraftwerk A band that not only transformed contemporary music but also challenged our perceptions of what music could be in the late 20th Century. Iconic sounds and vision that will reverberate across generations."

"We are all going to miss you, Florian," tweeted one fan, adding, "An amazing synth music artist he was. His legacy shall always live on in Kraftwerk recorded albums and songs." Another said, "Rest in peace, Florian Schneider. Let the neon lights lead you home to synth heaven."

Schneider's contributions to modern music are not as widely known, but those who have followed the group since the '60s are well aware of just how genre-defining he was. "Thanks forever to Florian Schneider and Kraftwerk for inventing "Electronic music" that I love to hear & record," stated one fan.

Another shared, "RiP Kraftwerk founder Florian Schneider, aged 73. Kraftwerk set the template for five decades of electronic music to follow with songs like this one," linking to their 1986 song 'Musique Non Stop'.

One of Kraftwerk's most popular tracks, 'Autobahn', was also fondly remembered by fans as they paid their tributes to Schneider. "Who didn't have their mind blown the first time they heard this?" asked one fan.

"'Autobahn' showed just how singular Kraftwerk was. That the edited version of the title track became a hit single should inspire all artistes. This is an original 1974 U.S. pressing on Vertigo. #FlorianSchneider." The user's tweet was shared along with an image of their 'Autobahn' record.

"(Sigh) I hold Kraftwerk high in the canon with @thebeatles @prince & @JoniMitchellcom, and just as worthy of the @rockhall. Schneider's wry half-smile was the band’s man-machine symbol, but he was also a great flautist," tweeted another fan.

Electronic music band Kraftwerk performs during day 2 of the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival held at the Empire Polo Field on April 26, 2008, in Indio, California (Getty Images)

"You can hear what his work on the flute only on @kraftwerk's earliest records, but some of these tracks rank with their best and need to be officially reissued," the fan shared along with a link to "the mighty 17-minute 'Klingklang' from the album 'Kraftwerk 2'."

Many fans also recalled when they first came across Kraftwerk, and how the band's music shaped their own lives. "Literally remember the first time I heard Kraftwerk. No matter what kind of music you listen to they undeniably had a huge influence on it," tweeted one fan.

Another shared, "I saw them twice in concert. One of my all-time favorites. David Bowie titled his 'Heroes' instrumental track 'V-2 Schneider' after Schneider and was heavily influenced by Kraftwerk's sound during his 'Berlin period' in the late 1970s."

One fan stated, "So so lucky I was able to see Kraftwerk in 2016 even though he wasn’t in the group anymore. Was gonna see them this summer at the Masonic before Rona happened."

Kraftwerk had very recently announced that they would be embarking on a summer tour of North America in celebration of the group's 50th anniversary. The show would have featured the music, robotics and 3D visuals the band has come to be known for. The shows were sadly canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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