#ApologizeToDino trends as Billboard Korea photoshops Seventeen singer, furious fans say he's 'unrecognizable'

Seventeen recently appeared on the cover of Billboard Korea's latest issue and fans were outraged when they noticed that Dino was photoshopped 

                            #ApologizeToDino trends as Billboard Korea photoshops Seventeen singer, furious fans say he's 'unrecognizable'
Dino (centre) (Getty Images)

Billboard Korea is facing backlash from fans after they photoshopped K-pop singer Dino in their latest issue. The fandom is outraged claiming the magazine has to apologize to the Seventeen singer. 

Seventeen is considered a 'self-producing' idol group that consists of 13 members and is divided into three sub-units with different areas of specialization: hip-hop, vocal and performance. To date, the K-pop band has released three studio albums and six extended plays.

They officially debuted with their first mini-album titled '17 Carat'. Considered as a 'self-producing' group, the band is also involved in songwriting and production of their own discography and choreography.

Recently Seventeen appeared on the cover of Billboard Korea's latest issue, and while fans were excited to see their favorite K-pop band, they were outraged when they noticed that Dino was photoshopped. 

Boy band SEVENTEEN performs during the 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on January 23, 2019, in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

Dino is the band's main dancer, rapper, vocalist and is part of the performance unit. Dino also choreographed the band's song ‘Jam Jam’ and 'Flower'. Taking to Twitter, fans slam the magazine for editing his face and making it unrecognizable. Apart from that some fans also added that it was disrespectful of the magazine to do this to artists. 

Fans pointed out that they had made his jaw look different, his eyes smaller, lips thinner and overall just unrecognizable. "Honestly the fact that they photoshopped chan to the point even we can't recognize him is just disrespectful. this can hurt him mentally as well, making him feel like he was too 'ugly' to fit korean standards, when he's actually not," a fan wrote. 

"I don't believe that editing Chan is necessary. He has unique features that Carats adore very much. This Is Not Chan. This is not the Chan we know and love and we would really appreciate if you apologize to him @billboardkorea," a fan shared. Another fan added, "#ApologizeToDino for editing his face to make him unrecognizable, apologize for being disrespectful to the artists who you are handling. imagining how hes feeling right now for seeing this makes my heart broken, please apologize and repost it." 

"I honestly thought this was shua at first glance but everyone confirmed this was chan.they edited his face so much to the point its unrecognizable as him. his eyes got smaller, his jaw was diff, and his lips thinner. disrespectful (sic)," a fan said. While another wrote, "He's perfect the way he is, we love him the way he is, and he DEFINITELY does not deserve to be photoshopped." 

"Why would you photoshop him so hard to the point of being unrecognizable when he already looks good naturally wtf," a fan wrote.

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