Jikook as ‘Kate Minslet and Leonardo Jungcaprio’ in wet shirts on 'Run BTS' preview gives fans 'heart attack'

After Taekook’s Jack and Rose pose, BTS ARMY is excited to see Jikook take over the roles

                            Jikook as ‘Kate Minslet and Leonardo Jungcaprio’ in wet shirts on 'Run BTS' preview gives fans 'heart attack'
Jimin and Jungkook as ‘Kate Minslet & Leonardo Jungcaprio’ on 'Run BTS' (Weverse)

'Run BTS' is slowly taking the throne for the most hilarious variety game show on the internet and the preview of Episode 131 is a testament to that. In the preview of the upcoming episode, BTS Jimin and Jungkook appear in a pose very similar to Jack and Rose from 'Titanic'. The caption sparked a laughing riot online which said ‘Kate Minslet & Leonardo Jungcaprio’.

The coming episode which will air on Tuesday, March 2 at 8 pm KST will have a formal attire theme. Fans have also mentioned how BTS’ youngest vocalist, the most searched K-pop idol of Korea 2020, Jungkook, has talked about his favorite movie being ‘Titanic’ on a Bon Voyage episode. Earlier, BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung and Jungkook playfully enacted the Jack and Rose scene.

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 ‘Kate Minslet & Leonardo Jungcaprio’

After the iconic Taekook’s Jack and Rose pose, BTS ARMY is quite excited to see Jikook as ‘Kate Minslet & Leonardo Jungcaprio’. Jikook’s crossover saga reminded fans of the time when the duo roleplayed Jimmeo & Kookliet. The picture sparked a sea of hilarious responses as Jimin and Jungkook fans couldn’t keep calm. A fan said, “OMG!!! JIKOOK ON THE HOOD! Kate minslet as Jimin looks really. And Jungkook should stop giving us such hard times!”

Another fan said, “Omg! I'm not able to handle this pic...I don't know what will I do watching the while episode.. LMAOoo!” Another shared Taekook and Jikook stills with the caption “jikook taekook reenacting scenes from the titanic!”  A fan spoke for all saying “Hoooooold on. Wait a minute. What is this Minslet and Jungcaprio i touch your waist bc I can in wet shirt thing here? I get a heart attack at 7am. Someone hold my hand please..!”





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