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Pilates trainer apologizes for joking about dating Monsta X's Shownu, fans say 'she asked for it'

After joking about her 'relationship' with Monsta X's Shownu, the popular pilates instructor apologized when the idol's fans called her out
Fans call out Monsta X leader Shownu's Pilates Instructor for joking about dating him and using his idol status for clout (@pilatesez/Instagram; Dispatch Korea)
Fans call out Monsta X leader Shownu's Pilates Instructor for joking about dating him and using his idol status for clout (@pilatesez/Instagram; Dispatch Korea)

When it comes to interactions between K-pop idols and regular people, fans are always skeptical. Fans often worry if idols are being taken advantage of and that their popularity is used against them. Such concern is valid as fans only wish to protect their favorites but oftentimes, fans fail to draw a line between concern and ownership which has been an ongoing issue in K-pop for years. Recently, it was rumored that Monsta X's Shownu was possibly dating his mother's pilates instructor after the trainer "Lizzy" posted a photo of herself with the K-pop idol on her Instagram.

In her post, the pilates instructor said, "Taking a pic like it's #Lovestagram with a celebrity. Not just any celebrity but an idol. Not just any idol but Shownu." Immediately after fans spotted the hashtag the pilates instructor used in her post, there were speculations that alleged that Shownu was dating the trainer. However, it seems like the trainer was only making a joke but the incident has unearthed other past comments from the trainer that have Monsta X fans questioning her intentions. 


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Pilates Instructor trolled for posing with Monsta X's Shownu

After her joke was taken sourly by fans, they called the pilates instructor out for using Monsta X's Shownu's idol status and joking about being in a relationship with the boy group member only for clout. The trainer was met with immense criticism for her comments due to which she took to Instagram to apologize for causing controversy by saying, "Because it was my first time seeing a celebrity up close in person, I felt amazed and wanted to boast, so I uploaded the photo. If the fans felt discomfort, I apologize."

Despite the apology, fans have now noticed that the instructor had been making comments about a possible relationship with Shownu for a long time. In the past when Shownu's mother had gifted the trainer something, she took to Instagram to share, "What if she actually has an eye for me as her future daughter-in-law~ (This is purely my hallucination.)" She added, "If I visit you wearing hanbok during Lunar New Year and cook traditional food, can I meet Shownu, mother?"

Not only this but another instance of the trainer boasting about a possible relationship with Shownu was after she received his signature and posted the photo online saying, "I'll be over soon for the Lunar New Year holiday to cook mother~" Fans claim that this behavior from the trainer is similar to many delusional fans of K-pop idols and despite the fact that idols are free to date whoever they like, the trainer is being criticized for posting about the incident and making a scene out of it. One fan said, "She asked for it. She knows how fans are about their idols and decides to BOAST in social media? Foolish move. I dont feel sorry for her."





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'Never apologize to toxic fans'

Other fans are also pointing out how fans have made a mountain out of a molehill as they call out a fan for being happy about meeting their favorite. One fan said, "This whole Shownu situation really just solidified for me that if I have a member interaction I’d only share it with my closest moots… is that wrong?" Another fan responded, "Not at all. And honestly it’s why many people who have done fancalls keep their calls private. Cuz people get very vicious."

One fan said, "Y'all honestly need to stop harrassing that pilates girl that posted a photo with shownu whether shes dating him whether shes not dating him whether shes just helping his mom honestly its none of yalls business the mans 30 years old hes not gonna be single forever." Another fan said, "WOW joke or no joke he can still do what he wants is not like he's hurting anyone, and his public service worker or whatever he's doing shouldn't stop him for pleasing his fans unless he says that he can't and that's true she's doing what ever fan would do."

A fan said, "Ok first, shownu is a grown man. he can do whatever he pleases, and we should still love him with whatever decisions he makes. however, i can't be the only one thinking that instructor over-did it idk if it's a joke but c'mon. it was hard to read through that." Yet another fan added, "Never apologize to toxic fans. Periodt." One more fan said, "Screw that, it was a joke and that's fine. Fans of Shownu throwing tantrums over it need to apologise to Shownu and her for acting like pathetic idiots."










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