Kourtney Kardashian offended after fans body shame her over 'curvy' tummy: 'Are you pregnant?'

The Kardashian sister didn't like fans mistaking her curves for signs that she may be pregnant for the fourth time

                            Kourtney Kardashian offended after fans body shame her over 'curvy' tummy: 'Are you pregnant?'
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Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian seemed very annoyed while responding to fan speculation that she is pregnant again. 

The 40-year-old recently shared a racy underwear selfie which featured her in a loose tunic and underwear that highlighted the curve of her belly. She had shared the picture on her Instagram handle which caught the attention of many social media users. 

Initially, the eldest Kardashian sister had laughed off the comments, though later she admitted that she had been left feeling offended given people thought she looked pregnant, she revealed on an Instagram Live video. 

At first, the mother of three had commented back and had joked that it would be a 'blessing' if she was expecting again. However, she later told her friend Sarah Howard that she had shared the picture "knowing I didn't look pregnant" and admitting she "did take [the comments] offensively." 

She further explained, "I've been pregnant three times I know what my body looks like. To me, it's very feminine to have curves and I embrace my body." She said that she was happy to find some body-positive comments as well. 

She told her fans and followers, "I did read the comments and one I really liked said, 'I thought you were pregnant because your body looks curvy, feminine and glowing'."

The fans also speculated on who the father could be if Kourtney was indeed pregnant.

Kourtney Kardashian urged her fans to be more positive and think of others (Getty Images) 

She has not been seen with on-off boyfriend Younes Benjima ever since last year and things with her former partner Scott Disick has been off for many years now. Scott Disick is Kourtney also urged her fans to think about how they treat people and have a more positive attitude towards people. 

"I think there's so much criticism on everybody, not even just your physicality but the way we do things," Kourtney shared. "We live in this social media world where people think they should comment. Everyone has such vastly different opinions."

She also spoke about the old days of social media and revealed, "I looked at my first Instagram post and nobody was thinking of their captions. It was more fun back then. Remember when we could just be who we are? I'm not speaking as someone from a famous family."

"I'm speaking as a person in the world. It's important to be yourself," she continued. 

Recently, Kourtney shared that she was stepping back from the family reality TV show 'Keeping Up with The Kardashians'. Earlier this month she had taken to Twitter to share, "I won’t be live-tweeting #KUWTK tonight, as I’m spending time with my kids while they are on spring break." 

"'I realize that a lot of the conversation right now surrounds my work ethic, and I feel like I need to just make one thing clear: raising children is a job as well. In fact, it’s the hardest and most rewarding job that I have ever had." 

"I’ve decided to put my focus on my kids and my lifestyle brand, Poosh, which is all about finding YOUR healthy balance for living your best life. I don’t judge anyone who chooses a different route, and I hope that everyone can appreciate my choices as well," she announced. 

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