Scott Disick impresses Kourtney Kardashian by choosing to spend Thanksgiving with her and the kids and not with Sofia Richie

'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' star Kourtney Kardashian was very appreciative of her ex Scott Disick spending time with their kids on Thanksgiving.

                            Scott Disick impresses Kourtney Kardashian by choosing to spend Thanksgiving with her and the kids and not with Sofia Richie
Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian (Source : Getty Images)

Kourtney Kardashian is very impressed with her former partner and father of her children Scott Disick who chose to spend Thanksgiving with her and their children versus spending it with his girlfriend Sofia Richie. Even though 35-year-old Scott and 20-year-old Sofia are in a serious relationship, Scott chose to see his three children 8-year-old Mason, 6-year-old Penelope, and 3-year-old Reign on the holiday. As reported by HollywoodLife, a source shared, "Kourtney felt so blessed that Scott was there to celebrate Thanksgiving with the whole family. She appreciated Scott so much for making their children a priority and spending the holiday with them, instead of Sofia."

Scott even stayed over in the same house as Kourtney on the eve of Thanksgiving, something which Kourtney really appreciated and shared on social media. The source added, "Kourtney sees how much Scott has matured lately and isn’t spending all his free time partying with the wrong crowd." It is reported that this change in behavior and attitude is even making the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' star nostalgic as "it makes her miss the good times they spent together."

However, Kourt is still expecting more from Scott and "hopes he continues to change for the better." The source continued, "Kourtney’s number one priority are her kids, and she knows how much it meant to them, and her, to all spend Thanksgiving together as a family. Kourtney’s children have grown up in the public eye which can be challenging for kids at times, so she always makes sure to go out of her way to give them the most normal life possible."

"She wants her kids to know how much both their parents love them, and so it meant the world to her to have Scott there to celebrate all together," the source added. A second insider shared, "Kourtney loved having Scott around so much, that she couldn’t help feel like this just might be the first step in them getting back together. She is not looking to steal Scott away from Sofia, but Kourt loves how much Scott has matured and changed since his time with Sofia."

She sees a change in Scott's attitude and the insider said, "Kourtney feels Scott seems more honest, reliable, present and loving since he has been with Sofia…it is a side of him that she is pleasantly shocked to see and loves." Sofia and Scott made their first appearance as a couple last year in 2017 and the pair has been on and off since.