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Eric Richins' last will and testament: Wife Kouri killed him because she thought she would inherit $3.6M

Eric Richins fearing his wife might 'kill him for the money,' transferred his assets into a trust that he placed in control of his sister
UPDATED MAY 11, 2023
Kouri Darden Richins was arrested on charges of killing her husband, Eric Richins, with fentanyl (@kouri.daren/Facebook)
Kouri Darden Richins was arrested on charges of killing her husband, Eric Richins, with fentanyl (@kouri.daren/Facebook)

KAMAS, UTAH: A sinister legal drama unfolds in the wake of Eric Richins' murder, which was caused by the notorious Moscow Mule poisoning, a vodka-based cocktail. Court documents have shed light on the allegations against Eric's wife, Kouri Richins, who stands accused of orchestrating his murder, after allegedly poisoning her husband with fentanyl in an attempt to gain control of their estate, valued at over $3.6 million.

The saga began in March of last year, when Eric was found dead at their home near Park City, Utah. The medical examiner found five times the lethal dose of fentanyl in his system, leading to Eric's untimely demise. The shocking twist came to light when Kouri, a mother of three, launched a legal battle against Eric's family, just weeks after his death, in an attempt to secure the vast estate. Little did she know, her husband was catching up to her evil plot and had quietly changed his will. 


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Kouri's lawsuit unveils battle over Eric Richins' estate

In her lawsuit challenging Eric's will, Kouri not only claimed her entitlement to the money but also accused him of attempting to deceive her by taking legal actions to protect his assets and business without her knowledge. She alleged that he had expressed fear of her killing him for the money, a claim supported by a police warrant. Unbeknownst to Kouri, Eric had transferred their family home, all personal property, and his share in the masonry business he co-owned with his partner, Cody Wright, into a trust. This trust was placed under the sole control of his older sister, Katie Richins-Benson. However, the Utah mom believed that the couple's prenuptial agreement dictated the division of Eric's estate, as presented to her by Eric's late mother on their wedding day.

The prenuptial agreement, signed on June 15, 2013, stipulated that upon Eric's death, the majority of his assets would pass seamlessly to Kouri. The decision to have a prenup was influenced by Eric's previous divorce from his first wife, Julie Jorgenson, who tragically died in a car crash in 2011. Eric's family sought to protect him from the complications of divorce, as detailed in court filings, as per Daily Mail.

However, this prenup may have unwittingly sealed Eric's fate. Kouri argued that the prenup remained in full effect at the time of Eric's death, entitling her to substantial financial gains if he died while they were still married. The prenuptial agreement specified that Eric's share in the masonry business, valued at approximately $2.5 million in 2013, would transfer to Kouri if he predeceased her during their marriage.

Kouri Richins' bitter feud with the Richins family

Furthermore, Eric had designated his partner, Cody Wright, as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, which would enable Wright to buy out Eric's share in the business upon his death. Kouri attempted to change the beneficiary of the policy to herself but was thwarted when the insurance company notified Wright of the alteration, prompting him to reinstate the original terms. Less than two weeks after Eric's older sister initiated probate proceedings to execute his will, Kouri filed a claim against the estate and his sister. This marked the beginning of a bitter feud between Kouri and the Richins family, just 24 hour hours after the former's death. Subsequently, Kouri's legal filings not only sought ownership of the estate she believed was rightfully hers but also demanded compensation of at least $300,000 for the alleged unjust enrichment of the trustees.

'That's next level of spite right there!'

Internet users fumed over Eric's decision to stay with Kouri despite her multiple attempts at killing him. One user tweeted, "Unbelievable some of these married women and men. Don't any of them know the meaning of the word divorce?" Another added, "The husband changed his will and life insurance policy but didn't leave... that's next level of spite right there." A third wrote, "Why did he not go to police." A fourth claimed, "This is gonna be a good one." "Glad he did that. I wish he could have separated himself from her. MAY HE RIP," read a tweet.






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