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Korean rapper Jay Park holds Q&A session with fans amid coronavirus quarantine, teases new album and 2021 tour

The rapper spent some time interacting with fans, joking about his past. Some of the questions he received asked him for advice on how to deal with the current quarantine situation
UPDATED MAR 25, 2020
Jay Park (Getty Images)
Jay Park (Getty Images)

As the world shuts down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many, including celebrities find themselves stuck at home, isolated in self-quarantine. But some celebrities are taking the opportunity to get online and interact with their fans. And while some are hosting at-home concerts, others are trying different ways to keep people entertained.

Korean rapper and singer Jay Park decided to amuse himself and all his fans on Twitter with an #askjaypark Q&A session.

Some of the questions he received asked him for advice on how to deal with the current quarantine situation. "Have any motivational advice you can bless us with on getting over tough times?" asked one user to which Park responded, "Tough times for me as well... lets just use it as opportunities to toughen up and level up and learn." Another asked, "What should I do while I'm self-quarantining myself? A b***h is bored lmao."

"Netflix yt...exercise, study, facetime draw.. ect.. use this time to better ur so when things go back to normal u can bounce back better than ever," was his advice.

One user shared a heartwarming message for Park, saying "I love you ! I really do ! Not for your look, tatoos or fame ! I appreciate you for your music, your hard work, your patience and your commitment. !! You are truly a legend !" and he sent some love back saying "Appreciate u too. U a real one."

There were also, naturally, many tweets that praised the rapper's looks, style, dancing, and more. One user later tweeted an image of the rapper with the message, "This hairstyle is hella sexy btw." Park, who clearly has no issues roasting himself, responded saying "that facial expression is not lol." Another user tweeted a throwback image of Park, asking "Can we see u again in this hairstyle" and he wittily responded, " Yes just look away and then look at the picture again." Some hairstyles are just better left in the past where they belong.

Users also asked Park to talk about some fellow artists. One user tweeted, "Thoughts on Doja Cat?" and he said he thought she was "fine and talented"

Jay Park performs onstage during the 2018 Made In America Festival - Day 2 at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 2, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Getty Images)

We also got a glimpse of some potential future projects that the rapper might be interested in doing when a user asked "I'd like to see u singing brazilian funk" to which Park responded, "me too" much to the delight of his Brazilian fans. When asked about new projects, he responded "I dropped 5 projects last year" and in a later tweet added more details about his upcoming plans, stating "2021 album and tour. Love u guys."

Another user also shared a video of Park grooving to an unreleased track, stating "This is my favorite unreleased track, please drop this shit so i can be happy" but much to everyone's disappointment, he said "Is it? might not even release this one tho lol." One user tweeted back saying "Boy I’m not playing with you, you better release this masterpiece lmao" while another reminded him that "Soundcloud exists babe." Hopefully, the track does not remain an urban legend, only to be found in the deep ends of the Twittershpere.

Some users also had their own clever little quips to throw into the mix, including this gem, "I dont wanna be your girlfriend i wanna be your quaranthang," to which the rapper responded, "Lol I see wat u did there... niceeee." This isn't the first time this user has used this star comment, however. She previously texted another K-Pop idol, Eric Nam, the same joke and he enjoyed it so much he tweeted it. When a joke is that witty, you might as well use it twice.

Park ended the session with a message that said, "Everybody wash ur hands, wear masks, stay in, and lets work together to get pass this... love u all."