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'Sister Wives': Kody holes up with one of his wives for coronavirus lockdown, fans think he picked his favorite

Kody Brown has picked one of the wives to spend the lockdown with and while the other wives seem to be fine with it, many fans of the show are convinced that he picked his favorite

The coronavirus outbreak has left people locked up inside their homes and with the numbers increasing day by day, the government believes that the only way to contain this is by making sure people are cautions and stay inside their homes.

While one would think this is an easy task to do, it may seem like a hard decision to make for someone who lives in a polygamous family. 

Kody Brown has four wives — Meri, Christine, Jeanelle and Robyn Brown. While the sister wives have always gotten along and been there for each other, many fans wondered who Kody would choose to stay with.

Given that the situation asks for people to remain indoors and not travel, one thing that they were certain was that Kody would not be moving from one wife to another. 

This meant he would have chosen a wife to stay with for the entire duration of the quarantine. Eager fans were quick to examine everyone's social media and came to the conclusion that Kody was staying with Robyn. They noticed that Kody was nowhere to be found in Christine, Jeanelle or Meri's social media posts. 

This had them believe that he would be with Robyn. Many were not surprised as they thought Robyn was always his favorite.

"I think we all know the answer to this... They would use the excuse that she has all the youngest kids and they’re the ones that would need 2 parents there for quarantine to help with the school work and things like that lmao but we all know it’s just so that he can be with her for 2 weeks straight lmao," one user wrote while explaining what Kody would have told his other wives when he decided to stay with Robyn. 

"He lives with Robyn, sleeps with Robyn, puts her kids to bed every night. He spends no time at the other homes," another wrote.

One fan shared, "Like any other time, he's living at Robyn's, no doubt. But social-distancing doesn't mean quarantined. Families are still together, he could still go from house to house without risking anyone else. But knowing Robyn, she'll be in overreaction mode, locking her kids in the basement and putting them in bubbles or something because they're all so fragile and can't live without mommy sticking to them like a fly to a scrap pile."

Even though the Browns have not made any comment about it, fans seemed to have found the answers to their questions.