Kodak Black drags NBA YoungBoy into beef with Jackboy over who's best Haitian rapper

The latest beef kicked off when Jackboy claimed he was the biggest Haitian rapper and Kodak was not since he was not born there

                            Kodak Black drags NBA YoungBoy into beef with Jackboy over who's best Haitian rapper
Kodak Black and Jackboy argue over who's the biggest Haitian rapper (Photos by Rich Fury/Getty Images/[email protected])

After an ugly fallout between Kodak Black and his record label Sniper Gang teammate Jackboy in June 2021, the rappers were at each other’s throats once again on Thursday, August 26. The two went back and forth with their Instagram stories and Live sessions as they quickly secured a spot on the trending list on Twitter.

Kodak Black had first shared a few cryptic posts in June hinting at his altercation with Jackboy. Kodak had apparently accused the rapper of making money off his back. He had tweeted, “Made A ‘M’ Off Lil Jack” adding, “Took Long Enough But Dat Businezz Must Be Stood On.” He had also shared, “These N***as Ungrateful.” The latest beef kicked off when Jackboy claimed he was the biggest Haitian rapper and Kodak was not since he was not born there. The latter then called him out also alleging that Jackboy started the beef with NBA Youngboy. Jackboy, like the previous time, did not hold himself back as he took to his Instagram to take a firm stand on the messy situation.
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Kodak Black brings in NBA YoungBoy into Jackboy battle 

Jackboy, whose real name is Pierre Delince, reportedly shared two posts on Instagram claiming he was the biggest Haitian rapper- a title which Kodak Black thinks belongs to him. According to Hot New Hip-Hop, Jackboy, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, later deleted the posts. He had claimed that since Kodak was born in Broward County, Florida, he was not the biggest Haitian rapper. Reverting to his claims, Kodak stated, "I been gettin money everything was Skr8 till Lil buddy touched some paper... n***a ain't gotta be born in Haiti my momma & daddy from there & I speak my s**t fluent.”  The 24-year-old rapper added, “Lame a** Haitian talk like a dam white boy. Jit stay on some ho* s**t, I'll respond bra have all da clout you want." Kodak Black also then steered the beef towards NBA YoungBoy claiming that Jackboy started the beef with NBA YoungBoy adding that Jackboy logged into his Instagram while he was in jail and dissed YoungBoy on his page.

Jackboy then took to his Instagram again and shared his part of the story saying, “What type of lame a** s**y is that?” adding that Kodak had so much millions, he needed to chill and go hangout. He further stated, “Why the f**k would I go and beef with him(YoungBoy) and for what? I never had a password” referring to Kodak’s Instagram account. Jackboy concluded with asking him to cut it out and stop playing. Jackboy also took to his Instagram stories to take shots at Kodak while tagging Donald Trump saying “Free Kodak” referring to Kodak’s request to the former POTUS when he was in jail. In another story, he shared, “Nah he tweakin.” Back in March 2021, it was reported that Jackboy learned that Kodak was charging him $30,000 for any verse that he did for Jackboy even though Jackboy was signed to Kodak. It was also revealed to Jackboy that Kodak withheld his entire advance of over $500,000.









‘This s**t bigger than Pac and Biggie beef’, claims Twitter

Social media users rushed to Twitter as soon as the beef reignited between the two. One user stated, “Kodak and Jackboy beefing i hate to see it but Kodak definitely giving off some goofy a** vibes.” Another shared, “Also Jackboy and Kodak will be alright they just gotta box one time, they clearly care about each other deeply cause they won’t let nobody else diss each other.” Whereas, one added, “Kodak & Jackboy beef proof nobody’s really gone ride to the end.”
The next one posted, “Over Kodak and Jackboy beef. THIS S**T BIGGER THAN PAC AND BIGGIE BEEF.” Meanwhile, one stated, “This Kodak & Jackboy beef is like Boosie & Webbie when they was beefing. Ion like it & its very much unnecessary but I honestly think it’s Kodak that’s the problem.” One user tweeted, “This Jackboy and Kodak beef so lame like them boys really back and forth on IG live.” And, another concluded, “Kodak and jackboy needa box paper view at the hardrock stadium.”

















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