'Knightfall' season 2 preview: Landry's redemption doesn't come easy as he gets challenged by new Templar Master Talus

'What am I if not a Templar?' Landry asks as he seeks redemption from his brothers. Note: some are forgiving, others are not, but Talus is defnitely the hardest of them all

                            'Knightfall' season 2 preview: Landry's redemption doesn't come easy as he gets challenged by new Templar Master Talus

Remember the time the 'Knightfall's pilot episode did not impress the medieval drama buffs in 2017? Well, nobody is going to remember that as season 2 is bound to open with an explosive pilot episode. Thanks to the progression of the story, the redemption of Landry (Tom Cullen), the death of Queen Joan (Olivia Ross), the birth of Landry's daughter, the eventual downfall of the Knights Templar, and of course the incoming of Mark Hamill as a Templar Master, Talus, who wields medieval swords over Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

Season 1 concluded on a high note of despair and ecstasy as King Philip murdered his wife, Queen Joan, as she pleaded for her lover Landry to be saved, while the Grail managed to save Landry's unborn child, who was delivered through C-section from Joan's dead body.

In a fit of rage, Landry throws the cup and breaks the holy relic — the cup that Jesus supposedly drank from. But it turns out that the Holy Grail at hand was not an original one since Templar Master Berenger examines the smashed relic, and discovers a vial holding a list of names including Landry's. 

With what we know from the trailer and fan discussions, it is time for Landry to atone for his sins, and it starts off with him going back to the Templar and trying to win his position back as the Templar leader. Too bad that opposition against Landry's "welcome back" sesh is a bit too strong, especially coming from Hamill's character.

In the two-minute trailer, we hear the armored Master say it gruff and straight; "Some brothers believe Landry may be saved, I am not one of them."

It is evident that Talus is against Landry and refuses to forgive him for having an affair with the Queen of France and siring a baby with her. However, Landry is accepted back in the brotherhood, but not without a catch. He is demoted to be an "initiate", to be retrained by Talus, who already proved in the trailer that he is a wise grizzled master and a hardened knight.

Losing his locks, Landry still fights as fiercely as battles get bloodier and bigger, and questions his identity over who he is, if not a Templar?

The ending of season 1 had also marked a beginning of a greater conflict, between the Templar Knights and King Philip IV of France, and chances of the latter attacking the Templars are high, as we hear him say "the Templars took arms against my army, It's time I demonstrate my power and might."

'Knightfall' season 2 premiers on March 25 (History Channel)
'Knightfall' season 2 premiers on March 25 (History Channel)

The eventual and tragic downfall of the Knight Templars is etched in history, but it will be interesting to watch out for the new season, which already looks thrilling, ready to take over the list of best period dramas, something that the show failed to prove with the season one pilot.

'Knightfall' season 2 will feature 8 episodes and will be all about the Knights Templar’s fight for survival in 14th Century France. Episode one will premiere on March 25, on History Channel, 10 pm ET.

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