Landry reconciles his faith in God as Gawain places his in "steel" in Knightfall's season 2 episode 3

Landry reconciles his faith in God as Gawain places his in "steel" in Knightfall's season 2 episode 3

Ever since we met Master Talus (Mark Hamill), we knew Landry's (Tom Cullen) redemption would be extremely difficult but it would be worth it. And that is what exactly happens in episode 3 titled 'Faith.' Like the first episode of the new season featured Landry's nightmare, episode 3 began similarly when we saw all his brothers' dead bodies in the Chartres Temple as he knelt before the cross. Thankfully, that's not real, but it's symbolic of what unfurls. It is Landry's biggest fear and a sense of responsibility he feels towards the Templars' failure.

Knowing full well that his Initiate brothers are not ready to take the savage attacks especially from the Luciferians, Landry embarks on the heroic mission to take on the Satanic cult by himself, without knowing it is Prince Louis' men who killed the Brothers in the earlier episode.


It often feels that Landry is a hero we don't need. Sorry, but it was plain stupid of the heroic warrior of Christ to set out on a mission as dangerous as taking on the Luciferians. In stark contrast to last week's episode where Landry demonstrated the power of teamwork, he basically acted against it this time and only good timing saved him from getting axed in two halves.

Incoming Talus, who stormed in when Landry was on his knees, saved the hero who desperately needed redemption. It is then we understand what is in Landry's mind. A feeling of helplessness has taken over, and the bloodied morose Initiate, still struggling with his rank, tells Talus God has abandoned him and he took the leap because he felt there's no point of a fallen Brother unwanted by God and his fellow knights.

The swelling emotions and a transparent conversation with a stern Master who is secretly fond of Landry tells him about the trials of faith and friendship. Talus reprimands Landry on seeing him all defeated, "I didn’t give you permission to leave the temple grounds, Initiate," he shouts, but he fails to cover up how fond he's grown of the fallen warrior. Landry opens up about his suicide mission and tells him that he did not plan on returning. Talus retorts "only God decides whether we live or die."



"When there’s nothing to hold onto, hold onto your faith," Talus tells Landry and together they enter the Chartres Temple. From the young inexperienced Initiates, to the glorious warrior Knights, including those who bullied Landry, all seem to have understood what happened and the scene resounds with redemption, both on Landry's part and those who are against him for betraying the Brothers and having an affair with Queen Joan of France.

The repetitive vision of Landry under the cross of Christ materializes in the end as the entire brotherhood bows down to the cross and Landry's faith levels up. With renewed faith, there's only hope that he won't be as impulsive as he has been. Thanks to Talus, Landry lives.


Meanwhile, in France, Prince Louis (Tom Forbes) and De Nogaret (Julian Ovenden) have recruited the "best swordsman in all of France," and an ex-Templar, Gawain (Pádraic Delaney), to kill Landry. Looks like Gawain needs redemption more than Landry, but his ego won't let him have it as he has the urge to prove himself to King Philip IV (Ed Stoppard), that De Nogaret was right in recruiting him even if he is physically handicapped to a minor extent where he cannot bow down to the king.

Talus and Landry kneel before the cross (A+E Network)

In the episode titled 'Faith,' Landry restores his faith in God while Gawain says; "Any faith I have left, I place in steel."

Faith is subjective. Taking only as far as the intensity of belief.

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