Mnet's ‘Kingdom’ Episode 8: Air time, how to live stream, tracklist and lineup including iKON, Blackpink's Lisa and Stray Kids

Mnet's ‘Kingdom’ Episode 8: Air time, how to live stream, tracklist and lineup including iKON, Blackpink's Lisa and Stray Kids
Felix, iT'S ONE, Mayfly, iKON, and Blackpink's Lisa are ready to set the stage on fire (Mnet YouTube)

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' is coming back with its 'No Limit' stages on May 20 and as the name implies, K-pop supergroups including iKON and Stray Kids have sworn to deliver the most stellar performances without limit. From Blackpink's Lisa joining YG Entertainment's iKON for 'Classy Savage' to iT’S ONE’s vocal unit (iKON, SF9, THE BOYZ) flooring the audience with their vocals, there's a lot to look forward to on 'Kingdom' Episode 8.

In the latest released 45 seconds preview of the upcoming 'Kingdom' performances, Mnet teased the collab stages as well as the subsequent group performances. At first, the iconic vocal unit iT’S ONE consisting of iKON, SF9, and THE BOYZ take the stage performing Taeyeon‘s 'Spark' followed by Mayfly’s vocal unit starring ATEEZ, BTOB and Stray Kids who would be singing IU‘s 'Love Poem'.



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Stray Kids Felix opening the 'Kingdom' group performance for episode eight with 'God’s Ddu Du Ddu Du' (Mnet YouTube)

Date and Time 

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' will be airing from 7.50 pm KST on May 20, Thursday.


How to live stream and where to watch

The performances plus all the special clips are uploaded on Mnet K-POP's YouTube channel while the show is airing. All the episodes are also available in Rakuten Viki where the latest episode gets updated after the show ends. Click here to watch all the previous episodes of Mnet's Kingdom. Watch the last episode here. Check out Mnet's YouTube channel Mnet K-POP here for all 'Kingdom' updates.


















This week's lineup teases a number of collaborations plus the K-pop acts' group performances for the 'No Limit' round.

iKON, SF9, and THE BOYZ of iT’S ONE

The vocal unit of iT'S ONE consists of iKON's Junhoe and Jinhwan, SF9's Inseong and Jaeyoon, and lastly, The Boyz New and Sangyeon. The unit stage of 'iT'S ONE' will perform Taeyeon‘s 'Spark'.

iT'S ONE vocal unit for 'Kingdom' (Mnet)

ATEEZ, BTOB, Stray Kids of Mayfly

The vocal unit of Mayfly consisting of BTOB's Eunkwang, Stray Kids' Seungmin, and ATEEZ's Jongho will set some vocal goals with IU's 'Love Poem'. 

BTOB, ATEEZ and Stray Kids for 'Kingdom' (Mnet YouTube

iKON and Blackpink Lisa

The 'No Limit' stage will feature the much-anticipated entry of Lisa with iKON's legendary track 'Classy Savage'. 

iKON's Bobby for 'Kingdom' performing Blackpink's track (Mnet YouTube)

Stray Kids

The 45-second preview of the episode has Stray Kids fans gasping for breath as they beheld K-pop star Felix channeling his sassy and suave persona in a Deadpool costume at the beginning of the track 'God’s Ddu Du Ddu Du'. A fan rightly said, "who in skz thought let's have felix dressed up as deadpool but let's also give him a crop top while we're at it and with that let's perform god's menu x ddu du ddu du mashup in front of a freaking RICE COOKER ???"





Taeyeon‘s 'Spark'

IU's 'Love Poem'

Blackpink's 'Classy Savage'

'God’s Ddu Du Ddu Du'

iKON in Kingdom episode 8 (Mnet YouTube)


Excited about 'Kingdom' episode 8? Tune into Mnet at 7.50 PM KST on May 20.

Watch 'Spark' full version here




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