Will 'Kingdom' be canceled? Fans want show stopped amid Covid-19 scare at SF9, iKon and The Boyz recording

Will 'Kingdom' be canceled? Fans want show stopped amid Covid-19 scare at SF9, iKon and The Boyz recording
A background dancer for SF9, iKON and The Boyz units have tested positive for Covid (Mnet Kingdom)

After running smoothly for five episodes, Mnet's 'Kingdom' is facing a critical situation with a background dancer who has performed for SF9, iKON and The Boyz testing positive for Covid-19. The dancer took part in a collaborative stage of iKON, The Boyz and SF9 during a 'Kingdom: Legendary War' recording on May 4 and then went ahead to be tested on May 6 and turned out to be positive. 

Mnet's 'Kingdom' which is taking place on Mnet on every Thursday at 7.50pm starring ATEEZ, Stray Kids, The Boyz, BTOB, iKON and SF9 is now facing the question if the show will be postponed or carry on after testing everyone. According to a report, every artist and staff member who has been closely associated with stage activities and with the individual, along with other cast and crew members of 'Kingdom', will be now be expected to undergo Covid-19 testing.


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SF9 (Mnet Kingdom)

Will 'Kingdom' be canceled?

Mnet has responded to the situation stating, A dancer who participated in the ‘Kingdom’ recording on [May] 4 was diagnosed with Covid-19. We received this news today (May 6).” The statement further added, “An epidemiologic investigation is currently being carried out. According to our internal assessment, there seem to be no cast members or staff members who came in close contact [with the dancer]. Not only iKON, THE BOYZ, and SF9 who performed [with the dancer], but all cast members including BTOB, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ as well as all of the production crew and staff members are receiving preemptive testing."

Mnet Kingdom lineup will be tested for Covid (Instagram/Twitter)

They further said, "As we receive the results and guidelines, we will diligently adhere to them and cooperate.” The statement has made fans express concern over their favorite K-pop artists and some even asked for the cancellation of the show. A fan said, "Cancel kingdom and get everyone tested!" Another fan opined, "Tbh I expected this to happen at some point. Even if the staff, dancers & idols get tested regularly they still have lots of contact to other people, be it in their private life or in a hair salon, studio or broadcasting studio...Hope that nobody else gets tested positive."



Fans have also asked the K-pop group labels to clarify the situation with a statement. An iKON fan wrote, "Hello, @ygent_official. We are kindly asking for an official statement addressing the issue. Help the fans be at ease by releasing statements describing and/or explaining the current situation."


Mnet 'Kingdom' will be back today on May 6 at 7.50pm. Check all about today's show here.

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