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Simon Dorante-Day: King Charles and Camilla's alleged love child drops bombshell photo to prove resemblance

Simon Dorante-Day, who claims to be Charles and Camilla’s secret child, has shared a new photo comparison
Simon Dorante-Day claims that he is the love child of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla (Facebook/Simon Charles Dorante-Day, Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)
Simon Dorante-Day claims that he is the love child of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla (Facebook/Simon Charles Dorante-Day, Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA: A new shocking image posted by an Australian man who claims to be the love child of King Charles and Camilla has gone viral on social media. Simon Dorante-Day's stratling assertions, which he says are the outcome of decades of research, have made headlines once again.

“My grandmother, who had worked for the Queen, told me outright that I was Camilla and Charles’ son many times,” he said. The father-of-nine from Queensland has just published a brand-new comparison that includes pictures of him alongside Prince William and King Charles when they were about the same age.


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Facebook/Simon Charles Dorante-Day
King Charles and Camilla's alleged love child shared a brand new photo from his heyday to prove how much he resemebles members of the royal family (Facebook/Simon Charles Dorante-Day)

'Simon looks more like Charles than William does'

“Photo comparisons like this are so important to my case,” Dorante-Day told “It’s always a breakthrough moment,” he added. The picture, which was shot 34 years ago on Dorante-Day's 23rd birthday, has drawn attention from online users to the "remarkable" similarity between the three.

“Same DNA, that’s obvious,” said one. Another wrote, “The resemblance is uncanny - no doubt there.” A third added, “I can’t believe this. What a unbelievable resemblance between them. “ One more user commneted, “There’s absolutely no denying it! The resemblance is unmistakable. You look more like your dad than your mom. So handsome.” Another user added, “Some day, Simon, the truth will be known!”


Many people who follow the royal family claimed that at first look, they mistook Dorante-Day's vintage image for Prince William. “As soon as I saw your post I couldn’t believe how much you and William look alike. I can’t wait till the truth comes out and take your rightful place,” said one. Another user added, “I thought the photo of you Simon is William.” A third wrote, “OMG I taught it was William. You are his picture or he is yours. The resemblance is undeniable. William looks like you now and younger ... you are really a royal family member.” Another responded, “Simon looks more like Charles than William does.”

'I have a lot of research that backs up my claims'

Simon shared the picture on the day of his 57th birthday, which according to Dorante-Day, is always "bittersweet." “Yeah, just another one for me, but I often think ‘what they are thinking?’” he said. “Especially Camilla, not like she doesn’t know.” He continued by saying that Charles and Camilla's absence from his life, which he lives with his wife Elvianna and their nine children, was "their loss."


Dorante-Day said that he is more determined than ever to get Charles and Camilla to provide a DNA test. He claims he is presently planning and intends to travel to the UK to bring attention to his plight there. “Supporters and visitors to my Facebook pages are always sending me comparisons,” Dorante-Day said. “But it’s important for people to know that my belief that Charles and Camilla are my parents isn’t based on photos. “I have a lot of research that backs up my claims, a lot of evidence. And I want people to remember that my case has spent a long time in the courts, trying to find a resolution, and my legal battles are still continuing.”

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