Kim Zolciak claps back at Marlon Wayans after he calls her a character from 'White Chicks'

Kim Zolciak responds to Marlon Wayans' joke on her in which he compared her to a character from 'White Chicks'

                            Kim Zolciak claps back at Marlon Wayans after he calls her a character from 'White Chicks'
Marlon Wayans (Source:Getty Images)

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is not afraid to stand up for herself or shut people down when they come after her. Recently, she decided to clap back at a joke that actor Marlon Wayans had made with regard to her appearance. Her latest social media scuffle came about after Marlon posted her photo on Instagram on Saturday (April 7). 

He posted the picture along with a caption that read, "No we are not in production on White Chicks 2. The f—?!" (The movie White Chicks talks about two black FBI agents disguised as white women.) After this post went up, Kim did not waste any time in giving Marlon a piece of her mind. In the comments, the actress mentioned how she had been a big fan of Marlon, but admitted that it hurt her to see he had cracked this joke. 

“Was always a super big fan of yours and my kids loved you,” she wrote. “This hurts but I guess [it’s] all for laughs.”In fact, her husband  Kroy Biermann also commented, according to a screenshot obtained by the Comments by Celebs’ Twitter account.

 “You should hope & pray that one day a grown man never takes this kind of dig at the expense of your daughter,” he wrote. “Grow up dude.” Seeing Kroy come in defense of her wife explains how upset and hurt Kim would have been because he is usually the one who suggests her to take the high road when situations such as this arrive. 

Appearing on Steve Harvey's show, Kroy had explained that they are often times when Kim would want to slam people for the comments they would have made but it is during this he would prove to be her voice of reason and explain why she shouldn't. “I help her — before she sends out that tweet that she really wants to send out,” he said in the interview. 

“He says, ‘Baby, you don’t really want to do that. Let’s just go have a glass of wine, sweetheart,’ ” Kim added. “And then he takes the phone away.” However, it seems like things were a tad bit different this time around as he decided to make a statement of his own.