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Kim Zolciak blames husband Kroy Biermann for financial woes after 'relying on him for everything' for years as 'RHOA' star files for divorce

The decision to split has left Kim Zoliack and Kroy Biermann’s adoptive daughter Brielle, 26, in tatters as felt she has been 'blindsided' by her parents’ decision
UPDATED MAY 10, 2023
A source claimed that the root cause of the divorce between Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann after 11 years of marriage is their financial trouble (Instagram/@kroybiermann and @briellebiermann)
A source claimed that the root cause of the divorce between Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann after 11 years of marriage is their financial trouble (Instagram/@kroybiermann and @briellebiermann)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kim Zolciak has left her fans stunned by the sudden decision of divorcing her football veteran husband Kroy Biermann after blaming him for their financial trouble as she claimed she had been "relying on him for everything" for years. Their decision to split has left Zoliack’s daughter Brielle, 26, who was adopted by Biermann as a minor upon his marriage, in tatters as felt she has been “blindsided” by her parents’ decision.

The former couple also has reportedly been held accountable for non-payment of $1.1 million in taxes. According to a source who is close to the ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ star couple, the root causes for the couple’s divorce after 11 years of marriage is their financial issues.


Kim Zolciak-Biermann: 'RHOA' star files for divorce from husband Kroy Biermann after 11 years of marriage

From rich sex to broke sex: Inside Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s rollercoaster relationship

The insider told Daily Mail that “Kroy did everything for Kim,” before adding, “He was her manager, her assistant, and her husband. She leaned on him for so many years and relied on him for everything. She also took him for granted and she blamed him when their financial situation went to hell.” 

As the split came into public scrutiny, it was also found out that the couple had been tax defaulters and didn’t file their IRS for three years in 2013, 2017, and 2018, which resulted in an accumulation of taxes amounting to $1.1 million dollars. The couple’s seven-bedroom mansion in Georgia was under contention during the debacle and was up for foreclosure. As the relationship started to worsen over money matters, the financial troubles “haven't stopped since”.

The couple has six children. Brielle, 26, and Ariana, 21, were adopted by Biermann upon his marriage to Zolciak and they have four biological children -- KJ, 11, Kash, 10, and twins Kaia and Kane, nine. It is also reported that Brielle, who is very close to her adoptive father, has been suffering the most.

According to the same insider, “Brielle found out about her mother divorcing Kroy shortly before Biermann found out.” The source added about Brielle feeling bad for the lack of communication in the family, “Although she is not completely shocked by it, she is taking the news pretty hard because she feels that there could have been open communication within their family.”

The source continued, “Instead, Kim just did this without thinking about how it will affect anyone else. Brielle loves both of her parents and she is just trying her best to hold it together and be there for her younger siblings.”

Custody battle

According to TMZ, the couple is not only ending their marriage on a sour note but also fighting hard over their children’s custody. It has been reported that both parents have filed for the custody of their four minor children. While Biermann filed for sole legal and physical custody of the children, Zolciak filed for sole physical custody with visitation rights for Biermann. 

It has also been reported that the former NFL star, who made millions during his 12-year stint playing football, has no substantial income of his own. However, he is also fighting to upkeep their $2.5 million mansion.

'6 kids what a joke'

Social media users were quick to react to Zolciak's allegations and were said that the couple was parting ways after several years of marriage. One hawk-eyed fan noticed, "I can't help but notice recall that they got married on 11.11.11, seeing it as a good omen yet 11 yrs later marked the end. Something soured that pattern." Another fan mourned, "Sad one of my fav couples:(."



Another, however, became skeptical as they said, "Probably a scam to not pay the IRS money they owe . 6 kids what a joke." Another asked with incredulity, "How can someone owe 1 million in taxes!!!!!! That is completely absurd."

One social media commented, "Damn! All she left him with now is a bunch of child support, unemployment, tax liens and child bearing hips...smh." Someone else wrote, "Although admittedly everything that goes on in these so-called celebrities’ lives is not my business, I am exhausted from their fake portrayals of bliss on social media and announcements of splitting 15 minutes later."





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