Kim Kardashian called 'Martin Luther Kim' for Ahmaud Arbery plea, mocked: 'She's just famous for her huge a**'

Kim Kardashian has been given nicknames like 'Martin Luther Kim' and 'Malkim X' because she pleaded for justice for Ahmaud Arbery

                            Kim Kardashian called 'Martin Luther Kim' for Ahmaud Arbery plea, mocked: 'She's just famous for her huge a**'
Kim Kardashian West and Martin Luther King Jr (Getty Images)

When she isn't busy selling her KKW cosmetics, or fragrance, or body sculpting undergarments, reality TV queen Kim Kardashian West is busy working hard in the field of criminal justice and prison reform. The reality TV star has managed to use her popularity and platform to create awareness about the importance of the prison reform movement and has actively halted executions against the wrongfully accused.

In her docuseries 'The Justice Project', we see a more serious side of Kim, where she throws light on the 'mass incarceration problem'. She can time and again be seen urging her followers on her social media platforms to sign the petitions she shares, which usually demand release or halting of the execution of a wrongfully accused person. Kim recently shared a  petition for Ahmaud Arbery's killers to be charged for the crime they committed.  She pleaded for justice in the case of the black jogger shot by a white man in Georgia.

After watching Kim's active involvement in the criminal justice reform movement, one of her followers whose Twitter handle reads iiHeartNae, commented on Kim's petition by praising her involvement and dubbing her as 'Martin Luther Kim'. She commented, "Ahhh shit Martin Luther Kim on the case?!?! Y’all going to JAIL NOW." Social media was thrown into an uproar when they saw that Kim's new title was trending on Twitter, as they slammed the comparison of Kim to Martin Luther King Jr., a historical figure who spearheaded the civil rights movement in the USA.

A fan tweeted, "Me praying that MLK Jr comes back to life and kills everyone for calling that woman “Martin Luther Kim." Another fan wrote, "Calling kim kardashian “Martin Luther Kim” for posting about ahmaud abrey is disrespectful to both MLK and Ahmaud bc ur involving his murder into ur ignorant jokes. just stop. its fr not the time."

"Martin Luther King Jr was a Nobel Peace Prize winner, civil rights leader & the voice of a generation. Kim Kardashian is just famous for having a huge a** & a sex tape. Do not call her "Martin Luther Kim". She is nowhere near being on the same level as Dr. King," expressed an angry fan. Another fan shared, "

Few of Kim's fans even began comparing her to Malcolm X by calling her Malkim. Fans of Malcolm X weren't happy with it either. A fan wrote, "Someone called K*m Kard*shian "Martin Luther Kim" and "Malkim X" since she shared the petition for those murderers to be arrested. I'm trying not to scream right now since the matter is serious, but y'all...." Another fan expressed, "First Martin Luther Kim and now Malkim X. The disrespect to Our Civil Rights Leader is out of control." "MALKIM X GON GET THEM H**S LOCKED UP!!!!" declared a fan. 

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