Kim Kardashian wants people to stop focusing on her ass 'all the time'

Kim Kardashian wants people to stop focusing on her ass 'all the time'
Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West (Source : Getty Images)

For good or bad, Kim Kardashian's ass has had a life of its own in modern pop culture, and even has an Instagram fan page dedicated to it with a whopping 27K followers.  It has broken the Internet quite a few times, once for balancing a champagne glass on it for a magazine cover. But it seems that Kim has had enough of the focus directed at her derriere and wishes that it would stop.

"I wish they wouldn’t focus on my ass all the time," Kim said on Vogue's '73 Questions,' when she was asked about the one thing she wished people would focus more on. 

Kim appeared in the magazine section, and allowed viewers a look into the very personal space she shares with husband Kanye West and their three kids -- Saint West, North West and Chicago West -- at her massive Hidden Hills, California mansion. 



Over a span of 70 odd questions, Kim spoke about a range of issues -- from her fame to her family to her Instagram following.

Speaking about her Instagram following, an unbelieving Kim K said it was "crazy" that she had 134 million followers, and that she does not read DMs. She revealed that a fan once asked her to adopt them, and the weirdest rumour she has heard about herself was that "I killed a raccoon with my high heels."

Kim got candid about the Wests' time together, her relationship with Kanye and the kids, as she answered the interviewer's questions, while showing him the vast expanse of pastel white and soft shades of beige that make up their mansion which she described as a 'minimal monastery'. 


Kim casually answered the questions sitting on a large bed with her kids as Kanye remained nonchalant and aloof for the most part. 

When the musician was asked what his favorite part about being a dad was, and he simply answered, "The kids!".


The kids played around the couple and added to the interview, while they painted a perfect happy family picture, pleasantly responding to the kids' demands.

When asked about parenting, Kim said that you just have to "wing it," and added that her children taught her patience and the important things in life.  "They also taught her Fortnite," she added with a laugh. Kim also playfully said if she had more children there would "not be anymore directions for baby names."

Talking about her relationship with Kanye, Kim said that she knew he was "the one" when she saw him at his Paris fashion show.

Answering the same question, Kanye said: "When I saw her on a paparazzi pic with Paris Hilton."

Kim went on to speak about Kanye's pet peeve about her  -- that she can sometimes be "bratty," adding that he taught her "major confidence."

On being asked the celebrity she admires the most, Kim chose to go with her mother, Kris Jenner, for the building a huge empire at the age of 50.


Later in the interview, she got a call from Jenner which ended abruptly after she asked Kim why she wasn't invited for the shoot, to which she replies: "Well, you always try to steal my shine, so this one, I had to keep to myself." 

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