Man obsessed with Kim Kardashian undergoes two surgeries to get a butt just like his favorite star

A Kim Kardashian superfan put his life on the line just so he could one day have a bum that the reality TV star will be 'jealous of'

                            Man obsessed with Kim Kardashian undergoes two surgeries to get a butt just like his favorite star
Kim Kardashian West (Source : Getty Images)

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian sure has a lot of fans but one of them has taken things to a whole new level. A Kim K superfan opted to undergo a butt surgery for the second time even though he 'could have died' after his first operation.

Superfan Jordan Parke, who hails from the West Midlands, UK, spent an estimated £8,500 (around $10,000) on his first butt lift surgery which he had done in Istanbul. He is so obsessed with Kim's butt that he was determined to get one just like hers. Unfortunately for the 27-year-old, he ended up contracting a flesh-eating bacterial infection called Necrotizing fasciitis post the surgery. For a while, Parke was scared for his life as he battled the infection.

As reported by Ladbible, he shared, "The first time I had the surgery, a huge hole appeared on my right bum cheek that was full of puss and flesh. The pain was unbearable and despite being told everything was normal at first, I was later diagnosed with necrosis, a flesh-eating bug, and was given antibiotics. I'd chosen to have liposuction on my stomach so I could have the fat transferred into my bum along with the implants."

"But I could have died as the infection I caught after surgery is life-threatening," he continued. Once he had managed to recover from the deadly infection, he was determined to go back to Turkey in the hope of having a second surgery as he was still not satisfied by the size of his butt.

The second time around, he spent an estimated £5,000 (around $6,500) on the butt lift which he had at the same clinic that mother-of-three Leah Cambridge passed away in while having a Brazilian bum lift in August. Jordan also revealed that he had no choice but to get the surgery done abroad as no UK-based clinic was willing to conduct the surgery he wanted. "It (the first op) didn't put me off having more surgery, I just ensured I booked with another clinic for my second bum lift this time," he shared.

"I'm a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and her bum and I'll stop at nothing to ensure mine is as big as hers. Now I'mback from having my second surgery I couldn't be happier so far. I had more fat transferred into it so give it a better more perky shape. What happened to Leah at the clinic in Turkey was awful but it does have a good reputation and that's why I chose it. Thankfully I was one of the lucky ones," he continued.

Overall, Parke has spent around £130,000 on over 80 cosmetic procedures and has shared that he has no intention of slowing down or stopping. He claimed that he is aiming to have a butt that 'Kim K is jealous of'. "I'm obsessed with Kim K and the feminine look. I had my first surgery at just 17 when I had my nose done," he added.

"Nearly almost every part of my face has been tweaked but I like to look different. I identify as a gay man but I'll shop in both the male and female sections. My aim is to one day have a bum that Kim K is jealous of. I have no intention of stopping anytime soon with perfecting my body," he concluded.