Kim Kardashian's nanny says Kris Jenner always wanted her children to be famous and was 'difficult to work with'

Pam Behan, who worked in the Kardashian family for five long years, revealed that working for Kris Jenner was never easy

                            Kim Kardashian's nanny says Kris Jenner always wanted her children to be famous and was 'difficult to work with'
Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West (Source : Getty Images)

We all know that Momager Kris Jenner runs a tight ship and her daughter Kim Kardashian's nanny recently revealed some startling details about what it was like working for Hollywood's first family. Pam Behan, who worked in the Kardashian family for five long years back in the 90s, claims to have been witness to some of the most important milestones, and controversies, of the family.

During a recent conversation, she revealed that, throughout the duration of her professional engagement with the family matriarch, working for her was never an easy job. “I liked Kris and I respected her for many reasons,” Behan said in a preview for Kim's episode of 'Scandal Made Me Famous'. “She was not easy to work for because she was a perfectionist and she expected perfection.”

Behan went on to admit that she has immense love for the entire Kardashian clan, but Kris would sometimes get on her nerves due to her 'perfectionist' attitude. According to the nanny, Kris had certain very specific demands and ways of wanting things done, which led to Behan's job becoming harder and harder to accomplish.

The childhood nanny of the KKW Beauty mogul would drive the kids to school as well as to some of their extra-curricular activities, in addition to which she sometimes would have to tackle a very long to-do list.

“On a daily basis, when she has a very long list and you’re fighting LA traffic and taking kids to their events, and maybe possibly not everything on the list gets done,” she said. “There were a few moments where I got an earful.”

The Kardashian nanny further spoke about how she started working for the family when she was barely in her early 20s and, even back then, Kris was quite intent on making every one of her brood of children famous in some way or the other. Behan says this made her become accustomed to some pretty high standards.

“At first, I used to be just crushed when she would speak to me like that,” she says. “But she vents, she speaks what’s on her mind. She wasn’t easy to work for, but I did enjoy my job.”

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star recently tried to once again justify her choice to wear braids, saying that it comes out of a “real place of love and appreciation.” The KKW Beauty star was recently spotted at the BeautyCon LA this weekend where she said that, in spite of all the backlash she has received over the years because of her choice to wear her favorite Fulani braids, her desire comes from a special place within her heart.

It was only last month that Kim wore the classic hairstyle to the MTV Movie And TV awards, and people were quick to criticize her for her decision to wear the African-origin hairdo. “I’ve definitely had my fair share of backlash when I’ve worn braids," Kim said. "I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel around the world and see so many different cultures that have so many different beauty trends.”

In her ultimate defense, the reality star revealed that it was her eldest daughter North who insised that her mother sport that particular look for the award show. "My daughter actually loves braids. She helps me pick out a look and will show me pictures. I just think if it comes from a place of love and you’re using it as cultural inspiration, then I think it is okay. Sometimes I think maybe if you don’t communicate where you got the inspiration from — and I’ve done that in the past — then people might not understand it. But, yeah, I think as long as it comes from a place of love and you’re getting inspired, then it is okay."

Even before the award show, Kim was seen wearing the braids in one of her Instagram photos back when her hair was blonde. She captioned the photo "Bo West" which was a play on the name Bo Derek, a white actress who wore the same braids in the 1979 movie '10'.

At the time, the beauty mogul faced immense backlash for calling her braids Bo West instead of their actual name Fulani braids. "I obviously know they're called Fulani braids, and I know the origin of where they came from and I'm totally respectful of that," Kim revealed in an interview. "I'm not tone deaf to where I don't get it. I do get it."

In other news, Kim Kardashian has a long history of dating men who are famous or who are from a famous family background. The reality star once dated Michael Jackson's nephew, TJ Jackson before she became famous. The pair dated for more than a year and her family approved of the relationship.

However, among the members of Kim's family, there was one in particular who was fond of her choice and it happened to be Kardashian’s nanny Beham. “I really liked TJ,” she said. “He was kind of on the quiet, shy side, always very nice and polite. A good-looking kid and, as far as I could ever see, he treated Kim with great respect.”

As reported earlier, Kim and Jackson visited his uncle’s estate more than once. “I know that she went to the Neverland Ranch with him a time or two,” Behan recalled.

Kim has opened up about these visits in the past. In an interview, she stated, "That was the most magical place on earth. I had my birthday at Neverland Ranch. Who else can say that?” she added. 

Kim even recalled what it was like to be in that place. “When you drove up, there were baby elephants and chimpanzees in overalls, and there were all the rides," she said. “It was everything you can possibly imagine. The memories I have of that place will last for the rest of my life.”