Kim Kardashian denies she ever slept with Drake, after the singer allegedly hinted at it in hit song

Unfortunately, sources have revealed that Kim Kardashian has been out with the most eligible bachelor of hip-hop, doing away with all the Twitter controversies.

                            Kim Kardashian denies she ever slept with Drake, after the singer allegedly hinted at it in hit song
Drake and Kim Kardashian (Source : Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian has denied that she ever had an intimate relationship with Drake, according to sources, who stated that it is all BS since it is definitely not Kim's style. Rumors about Kim being Drake's ex-girfriend began swirling when fans began to speculate the meaning of his song 'In My Feeling'. However, the two apparently share nothing more than a cordial relationship, sources said.

The song took on special meaning for many when a Twitter user, who goes by the name "@tmorrison24", began to post his own theories about Drake's song, which has now become a social media sensation. The song, best known to have initiated the "Kiki, do you love me" challenge and became the focus of several memes, is being claimed to be indicating towards a possible past relationship between Drake and Kim Kardashian. As it is known that Kim's nickname is "Kiki", the fan pointed out, "Drake’s been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven’t been listening." 

In a thread of tweets, the fan tried dissecting each of Drake's tracks from 'In My Feeling' to '8 Out of 10', in order to prove that the songs were actually dedicated to Kim. However, according to the sources who spoke to TMZ, Kim and Drake never shared any such relationship.

They mentioned that Kim had never slept with Drake, neither before nor after her marriage to Kanye West. However, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Drake actually did not write those songs for Kim, since the hip-hop star had already denied ever being with her, as he had told Ellen back in 2013. 

Drake said that he would always love and support Rihanna. (Getty Images)

In the conversation, where Drake opened about being with Rihanna and admitted to having "a thing" for Kat Dennings, the 'Scorpion' singer completely denied ever seeing Kim.

When Ellen showed him Kim's picture, he immediately came up with an animated response, "Oh no, no. Come on! What’s going on here?". He also immediately turned to speak about Kat Dennings, and said, "She was kind enough one night to oblige me and we went out for dinner. They don’t call me back after one date according to this."

Watch the conversation with Ellen below:

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