Kim Kardashian slammed as "nasty", "desperate" and "vulgar" as latest steamy selfie goes too far for some

Kim Kardashian slammed as "nasty", "desperate" and "vulgar" as latest steamy selfie goes too far for some
Kim Kardashian (Source : Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian cannot catch a break from social media fans - especially when she decides to wear risque bikinis that barely do the job of a garment. This week in the life of Kim Kardashian, she decided to give fans a sneak-peek into her beachwear closet by donning her Chanel bikini. Unfortunately, the fans weren't pleased by this post and have accused her of being desperate and very vulgar. 

The photo shows Kim in a black Chanel logo embossed bikini that has circles covering the nipples as a top. The bottom too doesn't cover much of the sunburn she would obviously have if she wore this outside. With Kim's body, there's sure to be some spillage since she is so well endowed. Her long hair free and going almost au naturel, the reality queen captioned the photo, "Chanel vintage, lets please be specific". We wish that had been enough to impress fans! Maybe if her pretty face made it to the photo, it would have been a different tale.

In a searing comment, one fan said, "When you can buy Chanel, but not class."  Others accused her of taking clothes from her kid's closest. "Why are you stealing your daughter’s bathing suit?” someone asked.  And another wrote, “You shouldn’t post stuff like this your kids will see this one day.” Another said, "Wtf are you teaching your kids, Kim? That's nasty."

One fan said that just because its designer it doesn't make it okay for her to pose the way she has. "So that makes it okay to post very revealing photos of yourself. Especially when you have a husband and 3 kids??" Some even pointed out that Kim may be trying to compete with her supermodel sister Kendall Jenner. 

"Is Kim trying to keep up with her younger sis Kendal? That looks insecure to me,"  said one fan. Another one wrote, "Girl, stop. You are doing too much. What are you trying to prove?" One fan wrote, " There are classier ways to show your body. This just comes across as desperate and vulgar. Please stop!" 

Recently Kim had come under fire for turning North West into a mini fashion model. Kim's daughter was seen wearing a bikini and had her hair straightened. The 5-year-old has naturally curly hair. Fans didn't like this look so they started mom shaming her for creating a terrible environment for North to grow up in. In a series of videos Kim almost did a micro makeup tutorial where North was seen sporting a chiselled face, lots of foundation and lipstick from her KKW collection. Fans had gone on to give her mom advice. Kim came prepared for this and went on to post a video of North 'contour queen'  West and told them to just " relax". 


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