'They're wrinkly and gross': Kim Kardashian REVEALS she is insecure about her aging hands

'They're wrinkly and gross': Kim Kardashian REVEALS she is insecure about her aging hands
Kim Kardashian recently got candid about aging and being insecure about her hands (@Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

Kim Kardashian, the 41-year-old media personality and one of the stars of 'The Kardashians', recently spoke out about her disdain for her "wrinkly and gross" body parts. People all over the internet assumed she was trying to cover up a certain body portion in recent images, especially with her rather deliberate clothing choices over the years, which included gloves. Kim recently acknowledged that she feels self-conscious about her hands as they have started to show signs of aging.
In an interview with Allure, Kim opened up about her quest for youth. She first proclaimed that she was at peace with having her flaws and that her views had changed recently. But while interviewing, she looked down at her hands and said that she hated them, calling them "wrinkly and gross."


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kim k allure
Kim Kardashian poses in a photo shoot for Allure magazine (@Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

"I hate my hands—they’re wrinkly and gross. But I’ve lived life and I’ve changed so many diapers with these hands and I’ve snuggled my babies with these hands, so I’m okay with them," she said in the interview. Kim discussed how growing older does not mean she will stop striving for excellence or prioritize her health. Kim vouched for her early incongruous statement and said that she would do everything to appear and feel young, even though she was at peace with it.
Fans have long argued as to why she is so frequently shown concealing her hands with different kinds of gloves when she leaves the house. Kim was spotted in June walking about without gloves, and her hands appeared to be wrinkled. She was captured in a sequence of images getting out of a car, where her left hand was visible. The hand had a bony and thin structure.


Kim Kardashian attends The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating
Kim Kardashian attends The 2022 Met Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 02, 2022, in New York City (Getty Images)

Fans were astounded about Kim's hands. Some people commented on Reddit that her skin "looked like paper." One exclaimed, "Where are the gloves when you need 'em?" A fan pointed out that the reason her skin was becoming thin and aging was due a skin condition called psoriasis.
Another commented, "Hands tend to show age first, but she is also thin, which lends itself to more visible blood vessels and tendons."
Fans added to their hypothesis on Kim's obsession with gloves. They also pointed out Kim's acknowledgment of getting Botox, claiming that she does not want to exhibit any aging on her hands and hence wears the gloves. Someone commented, "My hands look a decade older than the rest of my body. I'm gonna have to take a page out of Kim's book with the gloves."
A third said, "One tiny part of her body actually looks her age. There's nothing wrong with looking 40 anyway, btw, it's just as the rest of her looks so much younger than her age. "



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Apart from her battle with aging, Kim has been candid about her struggle with psoriasis, a skin condition that results in scaly, red, itchy spots. The knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp are the areas where flare-ups most frequently happen. She was first diagnosed with this condition when she was in her mid-20s.


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