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Satellite images show Kim Jong-un’s megayacht at secluded beach as he stays out of public view

Satellite imagery shows the megayacht parked at a beach on Hodo Peninsula north of the beach resort of Wonsan between August 3 and August 5
UPDATED AUG 12, 2022
One of Kim Jong-un's megayachts was seen in satellite imagery near a mansion compound that was built in 2019 (Planet Labs, (Pyeongyang Press Corps/Pool/Getty Images)
One of Kim Jong-un's megayachts was seen in satellite imagery near a mansion compound that was built in 2019 (Planet Labs, (Pyeongyang Press Corps/Pool/Getty Images)

HODO PENINSULA, NORTH KOREA: One of Kim Jong-un's megayachts was spotted at a secluded beach close to his newest east coast house compound last week. NK Pro's investigation of satellite imagery reveals the North Korean leader might be traveling as he is out of public view for nearly two weeks. 

As of Wednesday, Kim had not shown up in state mind in 12 days, his second-longest break of the year following 19 days out of the spotlight the month before. His absence comes as flooding has hit many pieces of North Korea, seeming to harm crops and a significant development project. Planet Labs imagery shows Kim's 180-foot (55-meter) megayacht stopped at a beachside on the Hodo Peninsula north of Wonsan between August 3 and 5, with a smaller 60-foot (18-meter) boat stopped close by it and down the beach in separate shots. The megayacht highlights a particular red-shaded rooftop covering its whole length, separating it from his slightly smaller blue-roofed and somewhat larger white-roofed crafts of similar build.


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It is the first time the 180-foot megayacht has been caught in satellite imagery on this beach, which is only accessible via sea or smart roads far away from population centers. The last time near-daily Planet Labs imagery caught any boat parked in a similar spot was in Aug. 2017, when Kim's 165-foot (50-meter) megayacht showed up there.

(EDITORIAL USE ONLY, NO COMMERCIAL USE) North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un speaks during a welcoming dinner on September 18, 2018 in Pyongyang, North Korea. North Korean leader Kim and South Korean President Moon meet for the Inter-Korean summit talks after the 1945 division of the peninsula, and will discuss ways to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.
The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un hasn't been seen in public for almost two weeks (Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images)

The 180-foot red-roofed megayacht seen at the secluded beach this month last showed up at one of Kim's houses in April 2020, when imagery caught it at the pioneer's Wonsan compound while it actually highlighted a smaller green-shaded rooftop. It additionally showed up at Kim's Hodo Peninsula mansion compound around the time the home was finally constructed in July 2019.

The megayacht's previous appearances at Kim's homes make it almost certain he was available for its most recent stint at the secluded Hodo Peninsula beach. It's still not clear why Kim would utilize his megayacht at this particular beach rather than the sandy coastline directly before his new mansions close by. It might mean he approved others to utilize the boat, however not at his home, or just that he or his family favored the circumstances on the other beach at that point.

The red-roofed megayacht has been occupied lately. During Kim's last public break in July, it seemed anchored at Sin Island off the Wonsan coast interestingly, in the wake of having been at neighboring Tae Island in April and getting fixes or updates in May at Kim's confidential marina in central Wonsan. Buildings additionally gave off an impression to be demolished at the marina in late May and early June in front of potential upgrades to the facilities. Kim's 165-foot (50-meter), blue-roofed megayacht still seemed secured off Tae Island as of Aug. 5, where it has been since April, in some cases inactive and at different times encompassed by smaller boats.

His largest megayacht, a 260-foot (80-meter) craft featuring an Olympic-sized pool and multi-story lounge, still appeared that very day anchored in a strange spot close to the Kalma Peninsula inside the Wonsan straight, where it previously showed up in mid-July. The North Korean pioneer's 195-foot (60-meter) craft appeared, to be taken out of capacity and placed before his main Wonsan compound beach between Aug. 5 and 10.