The Killers’ guitarist Dave Keuning announces debut solo album 'Prismism', shares new single 'Restless Legs'

The Killers’ guitarist Dave Keuning announces debut solo album 'Prismism', shares new single 'Restless Legs'

Founding guitarist of alt-rock heroes The Killers, Dave Keuning recently dropped out of the band's 'Wonderful Wonderful tour' in order to work on his own solo project. The result of those sessions is his debut LP, 'Prismism', which is due for a release on January 25, 2019, via Mähtrasher. 

“This record shows sides of me that maybe people haven’t had a chance to see before,” Keuning told Rolling Stone. “Like, they may not have known I had all these keyboard riffs hidden away. But now I’ve finally gotten them out.”

Keuning played nearly every instrument on the 14-track album, which was assembled from, as a press release notes, “hundreds of voice memos that he stockpiled while on tour with The Killers over the last decade.” But what stands out in the album, as well as the lead single 'Restless Legs' is Keuning's love of keyboards, which he showcases confidently as he steps into the spotlight as frontman for a change.

In a recent detailed interview with NME, Keuning speculated about his solo project, expressing regret for not setting off on the venture earlier. “This is something I will always do from now on. I really, really regret not doing it a lot sooner," he said. I really, really regret not doing it, like, 10 years ago. I guess my life has been pretty chaotic for the last ten years and I finally needed this break to get centered and not be on the road and just take a step back a second."

Despite the upcoming solo album, Keuning has clarified that he's still very much a member of the Killers. As he revealed to Rolling Stone, he's in the "very early stages" of working on the band's next album.

In anticipation of his solo debut, Dave Keuning has shared the lead single 'Restless Legs', a synth-driven track that sees Keuning at his most playful best, set to a groovy, foot-tapping beat. The track is accompanied by a colorful music video directed by Russell Sheaffer, featuring glitchy 90s styled South Park-like cardboard cutout animation of blonde girls doing the can-can and Keuning playing the guitar among many other pop-art influenced images.

Check out the music video for 'Restless Legs' below:


Although the tracklisting for the album hasn't been officially announced yet, here is a tentative tracklist as seen on the iTunes Store (AU):

'Prismism' tracklisting:

01. Boat Accident

02. The Night

03. The Queen's Finest

04. I Ruined You

05. Ruptured

06. If You Say So

07. Prismism

08. Restless Legs

09. Pretty Faithful

10. High Places

11. Broken Clocks

12. Gimmie Your Heart

13. Stuck Here On Earth

14. Hope and Safety

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