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Kick announces 'Twitchcon' like event 'Kickcon': Location, date and time of events

Kick recently revealed the VIP pass for Kickcon 2023, similar to Twitch's Twitchcon
Kick has announced Kickcon 2023 just like its competitor Twitch's Twitchcon (Twitch, Kick/Twitter)
Kick has announced Kickcon 2023 just like its competitor Twitch's Twitchcon (Twitch, Kick/Twitter)

Kick is slowly becoming one of the most popular live-streaming platforms and intends to compete with Twitch. While the latter is known for hosting the highly-anticipated Twitchcon, the former may be ready for its own version of the event, Kickcon.  

Kick was introduced in late 2022 along with the promise of excellent revenue and many other wonderful features. As it gained popularity among streamers, many have made their way onto this platform. Kick intends to focus more on its creators through global gatherings. Read on to know when and where Kickcon will take place. 


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Kickcon: Location, date and time

Kick has been gradually growing in popularity among gamers and has made taken many significant steps in recent months. It involves the acquisition of several popular gaming studios and the release of new titles. Kick released a snapshot of a VIP pass to Kickcon 2023 on Twitter on May 11. It will take place in Las Vegas. The event's date and time is yet to be announced. 


Once it was posted, fans of various streamers took to social media to express their excitement. One users said, “And we can stream gambling but that purple site that will be there can't lol." Another user commented, “This is what dreams are made of!!!!!” Another user commented, “WE ARE GOING TO VEGAS LETS GOOOOO."


Twitchcon: Location, date and time

Twitch has announced the date, time and location of two Twitchcon 2023 events on Twitter. The events will take place on July 8 and 9 in Paris, France. The event will also be held in Las Vegas on October 20 and 22. Within an hour, the tweet had millions of views.


Many popular Twitch streamers can collaborate with other creators at Twitchcon, and they can also meet fans. This event attracts popular live streamers from around the world, who visit and participate in many events. Excited fans started replying to the tweet posted on the official account of twitch. One fan wrote, “Didn’t someone break their spine or sum s**t last time." Another wrote, “I'm just trying to be invited as a streamer.”


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