Khloe Kardashian calls Tristan Thompson a 'complete piece of s***' for cheating on her

Khloe Kardashian was more than determined that she wanted to put her feelings for Tristan Thompson aside for the birth of her baby girl

                            Khloe Kardashian calls Tristan Thompson a 'complete piece of s***' for cheating on her
Khloé Kardashian (Source : Getty Images)

The wait was finally over for a lot of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian' fans on Sunday when the episode of Tristan Thompson's cheating drama unfolded for the cameras and fans to see. While a pregnant Khloe was about to welcome her first child, daughter True Thompson, into the world, she was still left reeling from the revelation of Tristan being unfaithful to her at such a sensitive time.

However, as was evident from the happenings-on at the time of True's birth, Khloe was more than determined that she wanted to put her feelings aside for the birth of her baby girl.

“It’s important for me to stick to my birthing plan because this is something that I’ve waited for my entire life,” said Khloé.


“I don’t want to take away anything from this moment. I’ve always been a big believer of don’t make permanent decisions off of temporary emotions. I want Tristan here with me, I want to experience this magical moment.”

“I want this for me and my daughter, and for him, at the end of the day,” she continued.

“I’m mature enough to say that. I’m mature enough to put personal feelings aside. Me and Tristan will deal with him and I at a later time, when this isn’t affecting our child.” The episode was also testimony to the fact that Khloe's sister Kourtney, along with their mom Kris Jenner, arrived from Los Angeles to Cleveland and while there were certainly some tense moments in the delivery room, everyone present inside somehow managed to remain relatively cordial.

“The vibe in the room is calm. I thought there would be way more tension,” said Kim. “As much as I want to go off, I just don’t think it’s the time. So I’m going to keep it cute. I don’t have to have a lot of interaction, I just have to be there for her.” But when baby True was born, with Kris pulling her out and Tristan cutting the umbilical cord, Khloe couldn't help but get a wee bit emotional.

“You’re experiencing a miracle take place,” she reflected afterward. “I’ve always dreamed of being a mom, and I think I came to the place where I didn’t know if that was actually going to happen for me, so the fact that we’re in a delivery room — for myself this time, for me to give birth — it’s just unreal.”

“I feel so blessed. This is something that I’ve waited for forever. I can’t wait to meet her and just spend the rest of my life with her. The minute I met my daughter — I cannot believe I’m even saying the words ‘my daughter’ — I was so in love with her. She’s just perfect.”

“I was so anxious about having everybody in the hospital room because it was really crucial and important for me that it was a very healthy, happy, positive experience,” she added. “And everyone put their differences aside for that moment. I’m really grateful for that. But obviously, there’s a big elephant in the room.”

“My focus is not if we’re going to be together or not,” she said. “My focus is just on my daughter and having these beginning moments with my daughter and seeing him be such a great father to her — that’s really what’s important to me.”

However, the family feeling towards Tristan was reflected in Kim's comment when she appeared on 'Ellen,' where she summed the situation with Thompson as “so f–ked up.” 

“It is f–ked up. And he’s a complete piece of s–t. Honestly, you can feel however you want, but I’ve got other s–t to deal with right now,” Khloé told Kim, Page Six reported.

Weeks after the scandal first unfolded, Thompson and Kim appeared to make amends — both in real life and online — while Khloé and baby True are readying for their first holiday season with the Cavaliers power forward.