Khloe Kardashian's toilet paper prank on Kourtney backfires, slammed for wasting supplies amid global shortage

Khloe plastered Kourtney Kardashian's house with toilet paper even while the world is suffering from a massive shortage of supplies amind the coronavirus pandemic

                            Khloe Kardashian's toilet paper prank on Kourtney backfires, slammed for wasting supplies amid global shortage
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While the world struggles to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a lot of panic buying of supplies and essentials such as toilet paper which has resulted in a worldwide toilet paper shortage. 

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, amid this, went and plastered Kourtney Kardashian's house with toilet paper despite the current situation. Kourtney took to her Instagram to share with her followers, "So I haven't had this much excitement in months!"

"This is what Mason and Koko do when they have a sleepover," she said referring to her son Mason, 10, and sister Khloe. She had shared a video on her social media that featured the aftermath of the prank and showed many strands of toilet paper on the trees and bushes in front of her Calabasas house. Kourtney had captioned the footage, "Thanks @khloekardashian". The mother of three then shared, "This is actually genius," before asking her daughter, Penelope, 7, what she thought of the prank and seeing their roses, trees, and gate covered in toilet paper. 

"I know, I saw. That was Mason and KoKo, I saw them," Penelope responds to her mother who responds, "Next time, guess what we're gonna do, P."

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were called out for their toilet paper prank amid the ongoing crisis (Getty Images) 

Momager Kris Jenner had also taken to social media to share the prank and had written, "Well somebody got their house toilet paper last night. Well, Kourtney, who did you p*** off?" While driving to the toilet papered lawn, Jenner added, "Yikes". Kourtney had reposted her mother's post and said, "WE WILL SEEK REVENGE @khloekardashian." 

Many social media users were outraged at the waste of toilet paper especially at a time when there is a massive shortage on the same. One fan wrote, "So irresponsible when many people cannot find TP for personal use. I can’t watch KUWTK past season 10. So unrelatable, so botoxed, so fake. Such a shame because at one point Khloe was the most relatable of the family."

Another social media user shared, "Really?!?! @khloekardashian. When people can barely find toilet paper or wait in line for hours hoping to find toilet paper? Ridiculous." A third user commented, "Wow, some people are struggling to buy toilet paper or even find it right now and they are just throwing it away..."

"Pisses me off. You know how hard to find toilet paper? I’m so upset. Why can’t they give others supplies instead of wasting them during pandemic!!!!!!!! It took three weeks to finally get toilet paper here in Los Angeles," chimed in a fourth. 

The family also exchanged presents for Mother's Day before the holiday on Sunday, May 10. Khloe's former partner and baby daddy Tristan Thompson gifted the sisters bouquets of roses while younger sister Kylie Jenner sent all her siblings cheetah shaped clutches designed by Judith Leiber each estimated to cost more than $5000. 

Momager Kris was also involved in the gift exchange and had sent her children a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to mark Mother's Day. Kim Kardashian also flaunted her gifts which included a Christian Dior makeup bag and a "Mommy's Little Quarantine Kit" which was sent to her by Khloe. 

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