Khloé Kardashian's daughter True has a luxe nursery and it includes a $4,500 crib

Khloé Kardashian's daughter True has a luxe nursery and it includes a $4,500 crib
Khloe Kardashian (Source : Getty Images)

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson welcomed their baby girl, True Thompson on April 12 and since then, they have been on cloud nine. While there is no doubt that Khloe has her beautiful sisters to help her out with motherhood, she also seems to take a bit of inspiration from them when it comes to designing a nursery for her daughter

True's nursery has the same $4,500 lucite crib that Kim Kardashian's daughter Chicago has. "I'm obsessed with True's Nursery Works lucite Vetro crib! It's feminine but still cool, which is the vibe of the nursery," Khloe wrote on her blog. 

"Kim uses the same one, and I trust the products she loves. She was my angel during pregnancy and has been so helpful and encouraging. We're similar moms and have been two peas in a pod lately!" 

The room indeed represents just what Khloe wanted for her daughter. It is decorated in a monochromatic light pink shade and there's a pink butterfly mobile hanging above the crib, which is outfitted in a flamingo-print bedding, small pink pillows with scalloped edges, and an adorable pink bunny stuffed animal. 

One could say the idea of butterflies could have been inspired by her younger sister Kylie, who welcomed daughter Stormi with Travis Scott on February 1.

Giving it some more feminine touch, floor-to-ceiling pink curtains cover a large mullioned window next to what appears to be a cozy daybed and two lamb decorations.

At the same time, there's also a changing table with glam brass and lucite handles. However, Kim has some different views as compared to Khloe. "I'm pretty much using the same crib and everything that I had for our other kids," she told Architectural Digest in January. 

"We have a Vetro Lucite crib and we have a [Jean] Royère bed in there and a really fluffy cream rug. We had a changing table made." 

She continued, "I have a glider with an ottoman for feeding; With the first baby, I had a rocking chair, and I just love a glider so much more—you can move easier."

There is no doubt that one can see a glimpse of Khloe in the way she chose to design the room for her daughter.

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