Khloe Kardashian accused of altering picture with daughter True to make her skin color appear lighter

Fans are outraged at the visible difference in baby True's skin color and took to social media to share it

                            Khloe Kardashian accused of altering picture with daughter True to make her skin color appear lighter

Fans and followers are not pleased with Khloe Kardashian and for good reason. Many fear that she has lightened baby True's skin tone. The reality TV star is facing a lot of backlash for allegedly tampering with the skin color of her baby.

Khloe posted a very sweet picture of herself, her mother Kris Jenner, and baby True. However, many fans began to question why True's skin tone looked visibly lighter. A discussion group on Reddit is debating about the skin color change, with many agreeing that it is significantly lighter.

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✩ Christmas 2018 ✩ oh what a fun night ✩ Mom you get prettier every single day!! ✩ My friends are pretty cute too 😝 ✩

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The page titled 'I really don’t want to believe that they lightened that sweet baby’s skin...someone please tell me this is a trick of the light' has sparked a lot of debate and controversy with many users on the site questioning whether it is some trick photography or whether Khloe actually touched up her baby's skin.

One fan wrote, "I'm really concerned for their children tbh, so many of them have mixed children which is weird enough in itself but it's not healthy to be growing up with your parents and family members in that environment." While another fan commented, "Lightening your skin when you come out looking more dark or black than they deem acceptable."

Another user added, "She definitely lightens the baby’s skin, or at the very least she uses filters to make her appear lighter. In the videos she’s posted of the baby she’s much darker but in pics, she’s waaaay lighter." Another outraged fan echoed, "Kylie has edited her baby's forehead and cheeks to be smaller before and Kim edited Norths bum and waist so I don't doubt it."

One fan questioned, "They look absolutely insane. That poor baby just wants to be hanging out in a rocking chair but its dolled up in some obnoxious outfit at some loud af party. Bleh."